Potomac Falls, Va. (October 12, 2010) – The AWI Quality Certification Corporation (QCC) is pleased to announce the implementation of Q-certification for doors. Under this new certification initiative, doors will be evaluated according to the Architectural Woodwork Standards for Faces and Finishing and the Wood Door Manufacturer’s Association (WDMA) Standards for Performance. This is the QCC’s first-ever product-certification initiative, in which the doors themselves are certified, rather than the project.

The need for a single, national standard for the fabrication, finishing and installation of doors was identified by members of the Door and Hardware Institute (DHI), who were previously required to meet both the AWI and WDMA standards separately, often resulting in additional time, expense and confusion due to conflicting specifications.

“This joint initiative between the AWI QCC and WDMA is truly ideal for door manufacturers and distributors,” said QCC Executive Vice President Craig Elias. “It streamlines the fabrication process for door manufacturers and it allows the door distributors to meet the quality assurance requirements. The customer thus receives a quality product that has undergone the most rigorous testing and inspection processes for architectural doors in the nation. Distributors and customers should not risk using an alternative product.”

"By having manufacturers inspected yearly and certified to produce products to the exacting standards of the AWS and WDMA, the hassle and cost to distributors of having individual projects certified is eliminated," said DHI CEO Jerry Heppes, Sr., CAE. "This is a simpler scenario and will improve the third party verification process for our members. DHI was pleased to be involved in bringing the parties together to address this concern."
Under the new initiative, Q-certified doors will be provided by Q-qualified manufacturers. To qualify, Q-representatives will verify that:

1. The certified products have been tested per WDMA test methods and fulfill the performance duty requirements.
2. Systems are in place to ensure the fabrication methods used produce certified products:
i. The manufacturing processes utilized conform to the documented systems presented.
ii. The appropriate systems are in place to select the specified veneers per the required AWS Quality Grades.

Q-certified doors fulfill the AWI Quality Certification Program (QCP) label requirements.

Another benefit of Q-product certification for doors is the availability of dispute resolution services. By utilizing Q-standardized RFQ and order forms, dispute resolution, when required, is simple, effective and quick.
About the Q
Established in 1995, the Q verifies compliance with the Standards and the project specifications, giving design professionals an increased level of quality assurance in custom interior architectural woodwork. The AWI QCC, an independent 501-c-6 corporation, administers the Q. It is endorsed by the General Services Administration (GSA) and the American Subcontractors Association (ASA.)

About DHI
Established in 1975, DHI is the only professional association dedicated to the Architectural Openings Industry. With the purpose of advancing life safety and security within the built environment, DHI represents the North American openings marketplace as the advocate and primary resource for information, professional development and certification. With the focus on our members, DHI strives to be the indispensable resource for industry trends, best business practices and advanced education. DHI remains a powerful advocate for creating a favorable code environment in the life safety and security industry.

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