Witmer Wood Products now offers a water based lacquer finish for their assembled Dovetail Drawer product line.

The finish is defined as “sustainable,” meaning it is environmentally friendly in regards to human health concerns. The finish meets all current EPA regulations for volatile organic compounds emissions for wood finishing and also meets KCMA specifications.

The water based finish, manufactured by Sherwin-Williams is a high quality, water reducible, acrylic latex, clear system for finishing cabinets and furniture. For interior woodwork only, the process is applied in two steps, the first coat is a clear Kem-Aqua® lacquer sanding sealer. The top coat, Kem-Aqua lacquer finish is applied after sanding.

Witmer Wood Products’ dovetail drawers and trays are offered in nine wood species including birch, cedar, cherry, mahogany, brown soft maple, red oak, walnut, white hard maple, and white oak. Dovetail drawers are manufactured to any size specifications in 1/32” increments or metric and are shipped completely assembled and finished or can be ordered in a knocked down shipment. Witmer Wood Products, LLC has been manufacturing Dovetail Drawers for 19 years!

SOURCE: Witmer Wood Products

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