Sarasota, FL – WG Wood Products has introduced a new sliding door wall cabinet in its line of products. The custom-made cabinet and wood shelf company found a need for the new item after creating one for a special client request.

“These wooden cabinets fit a variety of uses.” said Michael Sloan, president of WG Wood Products. “They work well as a sliding door medicine cabinet or a kitchen cabinet. They can be mounted in or on the wall as needed.”

The customer can choose the cabinet size between 12 and 20 inches wide and 18 to 78 inches tall. The number of shelves is variable with the height of the cabinet. There are 10 different door styles available for the cabinet, which can be matched to the door and color style of other products available through the Florida-based manufacturer. Different items can be ordered in tandem with the sliding door wall cabinet to create a full set of matching pieces for any room in the home or office.

“One reason we felt a need to add this cabinet to our inventory is because there isn’t anything like it on the market,” said Sloan. “Very often people need extra cabinet space, but there is not enough room to mount it on a wall or swing open a door for access. This resolves that problem.”

Made from solid whitewood radiant pine, sliding door cabinets can be purchased unfinished or finished. If the finished surface is preferred, the customer can choose from among 20 colors of stain. A vinyl sealer and double coating of lacquer are also applied to the product, if desired.

About WG Wood Products: Founded in 2002, WG Wood Products, LLC provides quality hand-crafted wood-based products, shelf systems and cabinetry that optimize space. The array of unique products includes wood bookcases, shelves, wall niches, spice racks and spice cabinets, wall cabinets, mirrors and other innovative home and office additions.

SOURCE: WG Wood Products LLC

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