The Wood Component Manufacturers Association gave WoodLINKS USA $2,500 at WoodLINKS USA
Press Event. WCMA has been a long time supporter of WL USA. Pictured here are (left to right) Keith Malmstadt-Past WL USA President and WCMA Board Member, Mark Smith-WL USA National Director, and Steve Lawser-Executive Director of WCMA.

WoodLINKS USA is a not-for profit national program designed to aid the US wood manufacturing industry in becoming more competitive by:
* Creating a greater awareness of careers in the wood manufacturing industry to students, teachers, administrators, counselors and the general public
* Encouraging the best and brightest students to take the WoodLINKS program
* Providing schools with badly needed modern teaching resources and curricula to reflect the skill needs and technologies used by nearby industries
* Providing the best in-service and industry training opportunities for teachers so that they can teach the latest technologies used by manufacturers in the region
* Motivating wood manufacturing educators so that they understand the local industry better and can advise industry supporters of entry –level graduates
* Certifying student graduates to National industry skill standards
* Promoting scholarships and other events such as summer camps, a National mentoring program to students
* Coordinating the development of a new Masters Degree program in wood manufacturing so that teachers can advance themselves for promotions
* Developing local and state-level industry leadership to manage and drive industry-education partnerships into dynamic and effective working groups
* Providing a steady supply of industry-certified, entry-level skilled employees to local industries that match their HR requirements
* Coordinating National industry projects such as the cost-effective development of National Skill Standards
* Open doors for educators to industry supporters and associations.

Source: Wood Components Manufacturers Assn.

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