HOLSTEIN, IOWA -- VT Industries' EQcountertop became FSC certified in January to meet the growing demand for FSC certified products for LEED products. VT was the first national manufacturer to become FSC Chain of Custody (COC) certified. As an industry leader, VT recognized the need to educate their customers and is launching their FSC COC Training Program.

The program was designed in collaboration with Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), a leading FSC   certifier, with the goal of educating participants about FSC, COC Certification requirements, the process of becoming certified, in an effort to assist VT's costomers in achieving FSC COC certification.

LEED requirements impacted VT's customers differently, depending on if they are a distributor or fabricator. LEED credit MR 7 requires distributors of a product to be FSC COC certified and label their invoices with and FSC Claim. A vendor (distributor) is defined as a company that supplies FSC certified products to LEED project contractors or subcontractors, but does not install the product.

LEED credit MR 7 states, "Entities that install FSC certified product on the building/site (typically contractors or subcontractors, but also furniture installers and the like), do not require COC certification asl ong as they do not modify the product's packing or form except as is required for installation." Countertop fabricators who strictly install FSC counterops under these conditions do not require FSC COC certification.

Along with the program, VT provides LEED specific resources, including updated literature, compliance letters for LEED documentation requirements, and dedicated LEED Accredited Professionals on staff. For additional information about EQcountertops and  VT's environmental commitment, visit VT online at www.vtindustries.com.

About VT Industries
Headquartered in Holstein, Iowa, VT Industries Inc., is North America's leading manufacturer of postformed laminate countertops, stone surfaces and architectural wood doors. The company's Architectural Wood Door and Fine Laminate Countertop components serve customers from nine manufacturing facilities strategically located throughout the U.S. and Canada.  VT's updated EQcountertop brochures can be viewed online at www.vtindustries.com/countertops/eqcountertops.aspx/

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