Modern Office Furniture Store Offers Tips on Keeping Bedbugs Out of Home Offices

Bedbugs are a growing problem in major cities of the United States. While they were relegated mostly to the home in the past, they are now everywhere - hotels, retail outlets, and offices. With some precautions, home business owners can prevent being part of the statistic. Find out how to avoid the introduction of bedbugs into your home office with these tips from Modern Office Furniture.

Buying used office furniture for the office may potentially add to the infestation cycle by providing a hub location of bedbug distribution to the homes of employees.

Eden Prairie, MN - October 5, 2010

Bedbugs are increasingly becoming a major issue with homes and businesses. The problem of bedbugs could soon be coming to a home or office without a person even realizing it. That is, if the necessary precautions are not taken. Modern Office Furniture provides the home business owner with some simple tips below to prevent bedbug infestation.

A joint statement issued by the Centers for Disease control and the Environmental Protection Agency, says there has been an "alarming resurgence" in the bedbug population in the U.S. Bedbugs have experienced a strong comeback and major US cities such as New York are finding it extremely difficult to get rid of them. The problem is not only prevalent in homes but has spread to popular retail outlets. Even a well-known athletic shoe and apparel store in Manhattan was affected and recently announced the need to shut down in order to deal with the growing problem.

Tip #1: Avoid Shopping For Used Office Furniture of Unknown Origins at Furniture Liquidation Stores and Furniture Auctions

With the economy experiencing lackluster growth lately, many companies have downsized or gone out of business. This is happening while small businesses are starting up as a result of their new owners being laid off by these companies. Many home office business owners are tempted to shop at used furniture sales and auctions hoping to snag a fantastic bargain on their office furniture to save on furnishing costs.

While this may present an opportunity to the optimist in the form of better deals, it is wise to be careful when purchasing used home office furniture such as office chairs, office desks, and display cases. Used furniture of unknown origins can serve as a transfer vehicle for bedbugs in the same manner as a suitcase or other personal belongings. It stands to reason that increasing transfers of potential carriers of bedbugs between locations also increases the probability of spreading infestation.

The problem does not only stay at home either. According to Mr. Reed Swensen, VP at Modern Office Furniture, "buying used office furniture for the office may potentially add to the infestation cycle by providing a hub location of bedbug distribution to the homes of employees."

The tempting deals at furniture liquidators may not be such a great deal after all. "The savings don't always add up when you consider that good quality new office furniture can be purchased so affordably today“, adds Mr. Swensen.

Tip #2: When traveling on business and checking into a hotel, be sure to check mattresses, bedding, and surrounding furniture for traces of bedbug excrement or drops of human blood.

Bedbugs have spread due to the general increase in travel over the past few decades and these bedbugs commonly ride along in suitcases or personal belongings until they reach a new home. Place luggage on a rack and avoid putting any clothes into drawers as these can harbor bedbugs. Remember to put dirty clothes into a sealable bag and store it in the suitcase immediately.

Tip #3: Upon returning home from a business trip, avoid putting all suitcases and other clothing articles on any bedding, on carpet, or in the wardrobe until everything has been washed or dry-cleaned. Vacuum the luggage thoroughly to ensure no bedbugs are hiding within the luggage.

Once infestation occurs, it is incredibly difficult to eradicate. Homes and offices that are infested take time to clear with the owners or landlords of the property having to invest a considerable amount of effort, time, and money. An estimated bedbug clean-up bill costs around a thousand to two thousand dollars for a single family home infested with these critters and this doesn't take into account the inconveniences the homeowner has to go through. A pest control company has to make at least 2-3 trips into the home or office over several months just to treat the problem.

As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure. With these simple tips, Modern Office Furniture hopes that business owners will save themselves thousands of dollars in bedbug eradication costs and avoid emotional distress.


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