Techniks exhibiting at AWFS

Indianapolis based Techniks Inc. will be exhibiting at AWFS booth 4315. You are invited to stop by their booth to see their full-line of toolholders and aggregate heads for CNC routers. While you are there, be sure and ask about special savings on tooling packages, and the complimentary ER 25 or ER 32 collet set available with purchase of any aggregate head.

Techniks has been manufacturing toolholders for all popular machine spindles since 1997. Each holder is inspected, tested, and certified to meet the highest standards for runout, balance, and taper accuracy. A full report comes with each holder documenting test results. Techniks special “Power Coat” nut, holds 75% tighter than standard nuts for improved safety. Each holder is factory balanced to 25,000 RPMs and custom balancing is available.

While you are at their booth be sure and see the wide variety of aggregate heads available to speed up CNC router operations. Simply load these heads into your
tool-changer to combine routing, drilling, sawing, and mortising operations. Techniks makes hundreds of different types of aggregate heads to suit specific operations, but a popular choice is their modular aggregate head (photo). The modular output option allows you to use the same aggregate with a variety of saw, router bit, collet, and arbor options. For example, the same output you use for an ER32 router bit, can be used to run a saw or cutter just by changing the modular connection. This is a good way to increase CNC router productivity and reduce the number of aggregates needed.

SOURCE: Techniks Inc.

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