Over 2.600 square meters of technological expertise, production capacity, process knowledge, closeness to users: this is the SCM Group show at Ligna.

SCM Group exhibition area will be in three stands: hall 25 (industrial solutions), hall 11 (carpentry solutions) and hall 26 (industrial components), whose image has been designed in collaboration with BLOOMLAB.

Scm Group's Technology Links Great Ideas and Great ProductionFOCUS ON TECHNOLOGY
In the sphere of the “Leader in Production Process” project, Scm Group emphasises its skill in designing “turnkey” factories and integrated solutions for the furniture and wood construction industries. In particular, the three work cells for producing furniture: the sectioning cell by Gabbiani, the boring cell by Morbidelli and the “Easy Order Az” by Stefani - a "smart" batch one edgebanding cell that can reach unthinkable levels of effectiveness and versatility. Then there's the Accord WD cell by Scm, a highly automated solution for batch window frame production, but one that can also be easily managed for special, unique pieces with unusual shapes.Our group has paid great attention to the “historical” side of things too, with the further evolution of woodworking machines and machines for customised production lots. Some things that really stand out are the latest interventions on the “L’Invincibile” range, and the new Scm “Tech Z1 pro space” machining centre for boring/milling - a CNC “designed for all joineries”; it requires the minimum space, extremely reduced set-up times and, once again, is very user-friendly.

Scm Group is the smart technology behind a good. That statement isn't just a slogan; it's a firm commitment that received important confirmation from the prestigious International Furniture Exhibition of Milan - the world's biggest, most famous, and most visited trade fair dedicated to furniture and furnishings. That's where the “I Wood Like - Handmade & digital crafting”project was presented; a project set up by FederlegnoArredo (the Italian Manufacturers' association that brings together firms involved in the transformation of wood and its derivatives), Culturalegno(that spreads the culture of wood) andScm Group. In short, it's the firm, practical demonstration of how the idea of a chair, table etc. is transformed into the end product, and how all this can be a true opportunity for the future of many young people. Thanks to technology too. A unique, extraordinary début, because for the first time woodworking machines entered the cathedral of world furniture, design, and the best Italian and international production.

A prestigious occasion for showing how, in just over a week, a machining centre (an affordable investment for an artisan firm) can produce a complex, stunning table like the “Vaulted table” designed by the London studio Bloomlab Architecture & Design, . The same work would have taken at least three months with manual/conventional methods.

Bloomlab also conceived the “Frequency Wall” - an amazing installation that distinguishes the image of the Scm Group stands. An architectural work in poplar OSB (produced by IPAN - an Italian firm, the only one producing it in Europe) based on the assembly of over 850 different shapes. A work that was made possible thanks to the use of the Scm Tech boring/milling machine, that once again demonstrates the potential of our machining centres as tools able to turn ingenious ideas into reality.

We're aware of the contribution that Scm Group solutions can make to those working with wood, and so we've chosen to actively put ourselves forward as a reference technological partner for our customers - from the individual artisan to the firm dealing with single batches and the major company that needs to produce enormous quantities. In order to be the link between big ideas and big production, with the utmost attention to what we consider the real revolution - turning something complex into something simple.

Source: Scm Group


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