Stow Co. introduces Forterra panels
August 15, 2011 | 4:12 pm CDT
Forterra is The Stow Company’s new engineered structured panel that unlocks a new spectrum of design versatility. Featuring sustainability, durability and an extraordinary strength-to-weight ratio compared to traditional composite panel offerings, Forterra creates fashionable and supremely functional organization, storage and furniture solutions.

The Stow Company debuts the new Forterra panels with surfaces spanning up to 60” long horizontally and up to 2” thick – unique dimensions made possible through an exclusive design and innovative honeycomb cell structure. From custom closet organization systems and bookshelf units to desks and entertainment centers, this new concept delivers crisp, clean elegance with long lines and bold, European-style looks.

The panels’ cell structure showcases the power of sustainability, produced with recycled content. The Forterra panel skins themselves, also containing recycled content, have enhanced integrity with a thickness more than double those found in other cell-structure panels. These advanced design elements allow greater imagination, style and functionality with larger designs and panel dimensions that would cause traditional composite panels to sag, simply under their own weight.
“Forterra allows us to satisfy a need currently not being met. There are consumers today who haven’t been able to get what they want; designs needing more length have historically required vertical interruptions,” said Randy Tallman, Director of Marketing & Product Management at The Stow Company. “With this product, we are able to address this emerging need for unique aesthetics, performance, and versatility.”

“As market leaders, we want to ensure that we are providing solutions driven by the end-consumer, meeting key factors of style, trends, expanded choice and sustainability. We see the demand for versatile, design-enhancing products today, and growing in the future,” said Eric Wolff, President and CEO for The Stow Company. “With our unique capability to service consumers through several channels, we can provide the exact product application to fit their needs.”

Forterra offerings are available starting early November through the full-service design/install capabilities of the ORG product line and its nationwide network of authorized dealers, and soon to be available through The Stow Company’s internet sales of uniquely-designed furniture pieces. Additionally, Forterra opens up a spectrum of possibilities for retailers looking to expand their furniture and storage selection.

Whether the product is an elegantly simple TV stand or custom floor-to-ceiling pantry shelving, quality remains the focus. “With this innovation, we’re excited to balance cost-effectiveness with a quality level that meets our customers’ needs and our own expectations,” said Wolff.

“We are always aware of consumer needs, even in times like these. We expect to make investments in research and development to continue advancing our product line,” Wolff added.

Forterra’s design integrity includes comprehensive sustainability. In addition to saving forest-based resources, the panels also contribute to improved air quality, even meeting the stringent standards of California’s CARB Phase II low emission requirements. Because they are engineered to be less dense and not as heavy as composite wood products, the panels also create energy savings with shipping.

“Designing sustainable organization solutions means designing sturdy, long-lasting products that are a smart investment. We’re able to provide consumers the style and performance they want, while reducing the cycle of waste,” Tallman added.

Scratch- and moisture-resistant Forterra panels are offered in a range of finishes providing deep color and beautifully-detailed wood texture. From offices and kitchen pantries, to family rooms and closets, Forterra creates stunning, efficient designs that enhance any living space or light commercial area.

Established over 25 years ago, The Stow Company, headquartered in Holland, Michigan, manufactures a complete range of organization solutions including closet systems, wallbeds, office organization, entertainment centers, pantry storage, garage cabinets and workbenches, mudroom storage, and more. The organization systems are marketed under the company’s ORG,, Easy Track and operating groups.

Source: The Stow Co.

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