GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Stiles Machinery Inc. is proud to introduce the Homag laserTec system that revolutionizes edge processing. Homag laserTec is a patented production technique that uses a laser to activate a polymer layer contained on edgebanding material, immediately bonding it with the substrate. The finished edge has a superior bond strength and aesthetics, as well as increased heat and moisture resistance. In short, there is a virtually seamless edge achieved without a glue pot or unsightly glue lines.

The laser system consists of oscillating mirrors and a 3,000 watt diode laser which is ideally suited to edge band based on its wave length. The laser provides a fast, uniform heating of the glue layer immediately prior to contact with the substrate to be banded. This machine provides a high-quality finish for an affordable value. Homag laserTec is suitable for various basic materials including ABS, PP, PVC, melamine and veneer. The laser system is available on Homag throughfeed as well as contour edgebanders.

“This is biggest leap forward in edgebanding processes in years,” says Stephan Waltman, VP of Sales Marketing at Stiles. “Never before have we been able to achieve this remarkable level of seamless edge with traditional edgebanders. Not only have we eliminated the costs and inconveniences of conventional glue pots, we’ve achieved aesthetic quality you have to see to believe.”

Select edgebanding suppliers provide the co-extruded materials used in conjunction with laserTec, or the Homag KBE 100 edge pre-coating machine can modify existing edgebanding to work in conjunction with laserTec technology. If traditional edge processing techniques are needed for an application, the new Homag machine can also accommodate a conventional glue pot in addition to the laser system.

Homag laserTec can help businesses realize time and labor savings by eliminating glue pot heat-up time, required daily maintenance or replacement. Additionally, there is the elimination of unused glue waste and rejected work pieces due to glue line intolerance.

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