Stevens Industries Announces 50% Growth in the next 50 Weeks
August 16, 2011 | 9:13 am CDT
ST. LOUIS —Stevens Industries, Inc., the producer of StevensWoodTM, announced that it expects to grow by 50% by this time next year with its new American made textured laminates. StevensWoodTM is a line of high-style, high-performance textured laminates that both fabricators and designers may use to provide aesthetic appeal without the high-end cost of wood.

“Our ambitions may seem a little lofty, but we believe they are right in our grasp,” said Todd Wegman, President of Stevens Industries. “Whether it’s a hospital, major retailer or a large hotel chain, the interest has grown for StevensWoodTM especially during a challenging economy. The special fused to the core laminates provide a quality product that looks great, wears better and saves money.”

StevensWoodTM solves project wide design issues because the laminate is fused to the core, which makes it durable, aesthetically appealing, consistent and long lasting. The innovative laminates come in a variety of colors and textures and provide designers with a wealth of options for almost every space, including retail, schools, hospitals, hotels and other commercial applications.

“Using new technologies, we have designed a group of high quality laminates that offer various textures and designs that will compete directly with expensive wood products,” said Wegman.

StevensWoodTM products are functional, high quality, appealing and environmentally friendly. For projects that require materials for limitless applications, sophisticated design elements and stringent budget restraints, StevensWoodTM is the answer. StevensWoodTM fused to the core laminate offers more color and pattern options, and economical advantages for the most common applications such as bath, kitchen, closet systems, hospitality, store fixtures, office furniture and more.

About Stevens Industries
Stevens Industries, Inc. is the exclusive maker of StevensWoodTM, a unique textured laminated that is fused to the cure to create a durable, aesthetically pleasing and budget friendly furniture designer. Stevens Industries is located in Teutopolis, Ill. and can be contacted by phone at 217-540-3100. To find out more about Stevens Industries and StevensWoodTM please visit their website at

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