STANLEYTOWN, VA – Stanley Furniture Co. Inc. announced today that it has pre-paid in full its outstanding debt under its note agreement with Prudential Insurance Company of America and other lenders. The amount prepaid was $15 million plus accrued interest. In connection with the prepayment, the lenders agreed to waive the yield-maintenance premium due on prepayment provided under the note agreement. The Company indicated that cash on hand after the debt prepayment was approximately $19 million.

The Company also announced today that it expects to receive $2.3 million prior to year-end in connection with the sale of certain machinery and equipment no longer needed by the Company as a result of the decision to cease manufacturing at its Stanleytown, Virginia facility.

“The successful completion of our rights offering announced last week, together with the equipment sale and our progress with the previously announced restructuring program, allows us to eliminate our outstanding debt and the associated $1.2 million of annual interest expense,” said Micah Goldstein, Chief Operating and Financial Officer. “We believe we have sufficient liquidity to complete our transition and have avoided a significant prepayment penalty otherwise required under the note agreement. This prepayment also provides us additional flexibility to execute our strategy without restrictive debt covenants.”

About Stanley Furniture Company, Inc.

Established in 1924, Stanley Furniture Company, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of wood furniture targeted at the premium price range of the residential market. Its common stock is traded on the Nasdaq stock market under the symbol STLY.

SOURCE: Stanley Furniture Co. Inc.

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