ENGLEWOOD, CO --Sports Authority, the nation’s premier full-line sporting goods retailer, today announced its official partnership with California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) and the availability of Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution (BBCOR) baseball bats at all 69 California Sports Authority locations to accommodate a new rule change by the CIF.

Effective as of January 1, 2011 all CIF High School aluminum and composite -3 bats must meet BBCOR certification standards and display the official BBCOR logo with limited exceptions1. Wood, bamboo and wood composite bats conform with all CIF High School rules and do not need a BBCOR stamp.
Sports Authority has been working with officials at CIF to ensure BBCOR bats are available at all California Sports Authority locations to accommodate for the new rule.

"In order to help offset the cost of the new required BBCOR bats, Sports Authority is offering customers a $25 cash card when they spend $100 or more on their BBCOR purchase at Sports Authority retail locations to be used on a future purchase." said Jeff Schumacher, Chief Marketing Officer, Sports Authority.
Further, as part of its exclusive sponsorship deal with the CIF, Sports Authority has provided every member school and student with an exclusive savings program on sporting goods at Sports Authority.

As the official sporting goods retailer of the CIF, Sports Authority is stocking a large variety of BBCOR-certified products beginning at $39.99. Associates have been trained as the “authority” on the new BBCOR standards to best assist customers to make the best purchasing decision on BBCOR-certified products, including:
* Easton Typhoon BBCOR High School Baseball Bat $59.99
* Easton, Reflex BBCOR High School Baseball Bat $99.99
* Louisville Slugger, Omaha BBCOR High School Baseball Bat $199.99
* Demarini, Voodoo BBCOR High School Baseball Bat $299.99

“Sports Authority is proud to partner with the CIF and provide customers with the knowledge and products they need to accommodate the regulation changes,” said Schumacher. “As the Official Sporting Goods Retailer of the CIF, we share their commitment to interscholastic athletics and passion for students to lead healthy and active lifestyles.”

The new BBCOR baseball bats standard measure bat performance and replaces the old standard of Ball Exit Speed Ratio (BESR). Starting in January 2011 for NCAA play and January 2012 for National Federation of State High School Federations (NFHS) play, all bats must be BBCOR certified.
“CIF is pleased to work with Sports Authority to help outfit our student athletes with BBCOR bats that conform to the new -3 Bat Regulation,” said Marie Ishida, CIF Executive Director. “This partnership continues to benefit high school students in California.”

About Sports Authority

Headquartered in Englewood, CO, Sports Authority is one of the nation’s largest full-line sporting goods retailers, offering a comprehensive and high-quality assortment of brand name sporting apparel and equipment at competitive prices.

Sports Authority is staffed with experts in all areas of sports and fitness related topics, and strives to be the ultimate “authority,” both on and off the field. Whether in the game or cheering from the sidelines, Sports Authority is the leading destination for consumers to fulfill their own sports equipment needs, as well as find their favorite team’s apparel.

Sports Authority operates more than 462 stores in 45 states, and employs more than 17,000 people nationwide. It also operates stores in Japan under a licensing agreement with AEON Co., Ltd.

About CIF

The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) was created in 1914 and is the governing body for high school sports in the state of California. CIF is uniquely positioned to foster student growth in values and ethics. CIF’s ideal of “Pursuing Victory with Honor,” provides the opportunity to influence the actions of the athletic community. CIF strives to promote equity, quality, character and academic development.

CIF is a nonprofit federation and the state office, located in Sacramento, CA, represents the interests of its member Sections. The 10 Sections represent geographic regions within the state: Central, Central Coast, Los Angeles City, North Coast, Northern, Oakland, Sac-Joaquin, San Diego, San Francisco and Southern. CIF represents more than 1,500 public and private member schools and more than 800,000 student-athletes. CIF conducts regional and state championships in cross country, football, volleyball, tennis, wrestling, basketball, soccer, track & field and golf. CIF Sections conduct Section championships in more than 22 sports.

1 As of the date of this release, the following BESR-ABI bats are the exceptions for play through the 2011 season, but will not be allowed in the 2011-2012 season and beyond:
* DeMarini CF4 (CFB10) (CFB11)
* Vendetta C6 (VCB10) (VCB11)
* Combat B1 (B1AB2) (B1AB2-R)
* Combat B2 (B2AB1)
* Louisville Slugger Dynasty (CBXD)
* Louisville Slugger Triton (CBXT)

SOURCE: Sports Authority

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