RUSTINGTON, England -- A company specialising in the supply and installation of new office furniture has turned green. South Coast Office Furniture, a West Sussex based firm, has acted on reducing the impact on landfill sites by offering a recycling service.

Operating on a not-for-profit basis, the owners plan to recycle perfectly usable furniture to business, charities, schools and other public sector bodies that have a need for the equipment.

They quickly realised the recycling opportunities when they were clearing out large amounts of used office furniture from businesses that had either suffered liquidation during the recession or were replacing old office furniture for new. They jumped at the opportunity to work on a non-for-profit basis to recycle perfectly usable furniture to business, charities, schools and other public sector bodies that had a need for the equipment.

They are currently putting together a "used furniture" trade Recycling section with a link from their business website that will allow free pickups and trades to take place and hopefully put an end to the needless waste. The site will be live within the next 60 days.

With over 500,000 tonnes of office furniture being landfilled each year, the aim is to reuse and recycle it in large quantities. They will be working alongside local district councils and are presenting to organizations like South Wessex Waste Minimisation Group and its members in June to promote the recycling of used Office Furniture within the region. The SWWMG help businesses with waste minimisation techniques and provide businesses with updates on relevant waste management legislation.

The company will be offering end users the ability to "give away" and also to receive free furniture on their website, where they can list products by categories with images. Charities will have the option to contact and collect any furniture they may need.

The total commercial and industrial waste generation in England is estimated to be around 48 million tonnes (as published by DEFRA). Organisations have a social and ethical responsibility to ensure that safe and effective measures are taken to reduce the need for landfill and to ensure that waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. The management of waste is a key component in a business's ability to maintain ISO14001 accreditation. Companies are encouraged to improve their environmental efficiencies each year. One way to do this is by improving a company's waste management with a new recycling service which also benefits those most in need.

South Coast Office Furniture is a leading new on-line office furniture supply company based in South England.

SOURCE: South Coast Office Furniture

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