After the very successful commissioning of almost 500 dryers and air graders for the production of wood panels, the company SPE has received a new order for a drum dryer for drying sawdust for the production of wood pellets.

The company Skala-Energy Ltd., with headquarter in Budapest, Hungary has ordered for their existing pellet plant in Tiachiv, Ukraine, a new drum dryer with a 11 MW light oil/wood dust burner from Schenkmann-Piel-Engineering.

The required process heat will be produced in an integrated vertical steel burning chamber with perforated plates for cooling. This concept brings the following advantages:
-Automatic cleaning of burner ashes
-No need to install expensive refractory lining
-No mixing chamber needed
-Lower maintenance on the burning chamber
-Lower investment cost

The design of this stand alone burner particularly achieves an optimized energy concept and also an excellent sand/ash separation.

The drum is manufactured with the well known high capacity internals. These internals guarantee a gentle drying of the material at lower outlet temperatures. This ensures the realisation of equal final moisture of the particles under the best possible utilisation of the used heat. At the end of the drum-cycle the material is separated from the airflow in the cyclone battery.

For optimal energy utilisation the gases are then partly redirected to the mixing/cooling vertical steel burning chamber.

A comprehensive control system facilitates consistent final moistures, and concurrently, a user friendly and optimised operation of the installation.

Schenkmann-Piel-Engineering will begin to supply in February 2011. The completion of the assembly and the production of the first dried particles will take place in May 2011.

Schenkmann-Piel-Engineering is a 100% subsidiary of the Dieffenbacher-Group in Eppingen, Germany. The Dieffenbacher-Group is a global leader in manufacturing complete production lines for the wood-based panel industry, and forming and automation systems for processing metal, plastics and isostatic products.

SOURCE: Schenkmann-Piel-Engineering

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