On Monday, January 18, 2011, the production facility and offices at Schattdecor Inc. near St. Louis, MO were up and running. The first roll of paper printed that week and then the team witnessed a record month of sales in May, bringing about even more reason for celebration at the inauguration ceremony on June 21, 2011.

Plant erected in 9 months
Tom Drazen, General Manager of the production facility in St. Louis, has worked very hard to see this project come about. Land was purchased in 2009 and prepared for the 109,000 square foot building project. However it was all temporarily put on hold in the fall of 2009, but then restarted with great fervor in May 2010. The printing press was installed in October 2010 by the team from Rotodecor. The production hall and office space was completed in early January after just 9 short months and the new staff of 40 moved in on the 18th of January.

Room for four printing presses currently
At the start of the project, Schattdecor purchased 12 acres of land in Maryland Heights, MO which is just outside of St. Louis and a short distance from the St. Louis International Airport. Currently there is only one press installed, however foundation has been poured for 4 presses. Additionally, the building can be expanded both east and west, allowing for more presses. Schattdecor originally invested $31 million in the project but most recently purchased 18 acres of ground in front of the current property. The company is very optimistic about a large growth in production in North America and is prepared to increase its capacity.

Optimistic about taking a bigger market share
Schattdecor has had a sales office present in North America for over 15 years, managed by Tom Drazen. As the sales staff, as well as the number of additional office employees, increased, so did Schattdecor’s market share. With the new production facility in North America, the team is primed to take over a bigger piece of the 30,000 ton, 7.5 Billion square foot laminate industry market. Customers have made it evident that having a production facility in the US is crucial to them when considering a decorative paper supplier. With the record month the Schattdecor Inc. team saw in May, which included the sale of 15 new flooring designs to a major flooring customer, the company is seeing that the investment in St. Louis was worthwhile.

Schattdecor Inc. Managing Director Tom Drazen and his 40 employees look forward to welcoming some 200 guests at the plant’s official opening on June 21.

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