Charlotte, NC -- REMBE®, INC. has just launched a new informational website, to assist its clients and visitors with learning more about combustible dust explosions and how to protect their plants and equipment through the use of REMBE® venting and isolation technologies. Clients and visitors can easily navigate the website and can ask for a recommendation based on their specific production needs by simply clicking on the “Obtain a Recommendation” link on the home page.

REMBE®, INC. is a member of the REMBE® Alliance, a leader in manufacturing products for explosion protection systems designed to protect production facilities and personnel against the dangers of combustible dust explosions. For over 35 years, REMBE® Alliance has pioneered innovative technologies, such as the Q-Rohr®-3 Flameless Indoor Explosion Venting System, which are used throughout the manufacturing world to improve plant and personnel safety. Today, REMBE®, INC. continues the tradition of proving quality REMBE® explosion protection products and services to North American industry.

REMBE®, INC. specializes in explosion protection applications. In addition to the Q-Rohr®-3 and Q-Box II indoor/outdoor venting systems, REMBE®, INC. has a complete line of explosion panels for standard and special application. REMBE®, INC. also has a full line of isolation systems, such as the Q-Flap® Plus, EXKOP® system, and Q-BIC® suppression systems.

REMBE®, INC. has dedicated Sales Representatives who are prepared to assist you with analyzing your explosion venting situation and developing the best and most cost-effective solutions.

In addition, our network of independent experts throughout the country are ready to assist you with lab-testing, risk analysis, engineering and design and, ultimately, with developing several alternative recommendations for resolution of your specific project or venting, or isolation concern. You can then make a decision based on the best information and resources available to implement a effective and customized explosion protection solution.

SOURCE: Rembe Inc.

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