Registered mark labels, identified Made in USA products

The Made in USA brand certification mark received registration status from the United States Patent and Trademark Office on December 14, 2010. This is big news to United States’ businesses and to consumers here in America and around the world.

Consumers value transparency in the manufacturing process and have looked to trusted symbols and certification marks to help align their purchases with their beliefs. The Made in USA Brand Certification Mark joins the ranks of such symbols as Certified Organic, Certified Gluten-Free and Rainforest Alliance Certified.
For the first time American companies will have a registered certification mark to label and distinguish their products are of United States country of origin.

Consumers will be able to identify at a glance that the product they are buying is of United States country of origin.

The Made in USA brand certification mark originated from Marcie Gabor, a principal at Conrad Phillips Vutech, a branding and marketing firm located in the heart of the Midwest in Columbus, OH. The certification mark is backed by certification guidelines based on the Federal Trade Commission’s regulations for complying with Made in USA origin claims.

“Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in buying local and purchasing goods made in America because they associate them with higher quality and reliability than products made in other countries.” Gabor said.

Gabor, who developed the concept and program, sees the Made in USA Brand Certification Mark as an important brand enhancement and a clear way for U.S. businesses that meet accreditation standards to differentiate themselves from competitors, and is available for accredited U.S. businesses online.

“I began to notice there was not a consistent way of identifying for consumers which companies manufacture here in the States,” Gabor said. “Now, the Made in USA Brand Certification Mark provides that consistency.”

About the Made in USA Brand Certification Mark

The Made in USA Brand Certification Mark is the only registered certification mark for identifying goods made or grown in the United States developed by Conrad Phillips Vutech principal Marcie Gabor. The certification mark is available for any U.S. business that meets the accreditation standards.

About Conrad Phillips Vutech

Conrad Phillips Vutech is an award-winning full-service marketing and branding firm that specializes in building the brands of its clients.

SOURCE: Made in USA Brand

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