Pressure-treated lumber drives sales in slow economy

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- In today's sluggish construction industry, there are still bright spots of growth. One such example is with Advantage Trim & Lumber, who is experiencing an increase in sales thanks to their new inventory of pressure treated lumber.

According to Sales Manager Jon Fletcher, "Previously, customers who saved with our hardwood decking were forced to spend hours hopping from lumber yard to lumber yard. They spent time and their hard-earned money on gas trying to find the best price and sizes for deck framing. Now, anyone can purchase both hardwood decking and pressure treated lumber from the convenience of their home. This advantage helps our customers save between 10 - 15% when buying pressure treated decking direct from us instead of the big box hardware stores, or their local lumber yard."

Here are some additional benefits deck builders and do-it-yourself homeowners gain from using the pressure treated lumber from Advantage Trim & Lumber:
* Budget-friendly - save more money compared to ACQ treated lumber
* No more green boards - Our pressure treated lumber has a more natural wood appearance
* Improved resistance to termites and wood-boring insects
* Improved corrosion resistance with enhanced performance of stainless steel fasteners
* Superior rot and decay resistance for an even longer lifespan

Jon Fletcher adds, "Our customers can now buy pressure treated lumber with superior benefits while also saving hundreds of dollars. Because the southern yellow pine we carry is treated with Micronized Copper Azole (MCA), it offers better corrosion resistance. Ultimately, by adding to a deck's dimensional stability, new decks can last longer and cost less to maintain. The cost savings alone make it a great deal."

About Advantage Trim & Lumber Company

Advantage Trim & Lumber Company is a leading supplier of decking and pressure treated lumber in the United States. With over 120,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Advantage Trim & Lumber produces hardwood decking, hardwood flooring, lumber and a variety of certified FSC wood. Through their international supply chain, Advantage delivers wholesale decking and hardwood across the world from their locations in Grover, North Carolina and Buffalo, New York.

SOURCE: Advantage Trim and Lumber Co.

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