FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ --  Slide-Lok has some news that they're sure you're going to like. Effective immediately, Slide-Lok is offering to put a lot of money back into your pockets. Their prices on polyaspartic are coming down -- A LOT. The highest price anyone will pay for Slide-Lok's polyaspartic will be $82.50 per gallon. Most customers will pay $80 per gallon. And their highest volume customers can pay as little as $76/gallon. This is for product that Slide-Lok is guaranteeing to be at least 75% solids with a one-to-one mixing ratio, zero VOCs and very low odor. Slide-Lok is offering two cure times: fast set and slow set. There is also an accelerator product that will allow Slide-Lok's dealers to speed up either the fast or slow set as temperatures drop in the fall or winter -- putting you in charge of your cure times. And, Slide-Lok will not force you to buy pigment with the product as so many others have done in the past. Standard color pigment is $25/quart.
"Outrageously high prices on polyaspartics are a thing of the past," said Slide-Lok president, Brian Strayer.

Strayer also added, "When the product was first introduced, it naturally fetched a high premium for its cure rates, wide application temperature range as well as other unique properties. It was a lot better than epoxy and deserved a premium price. But as time went on and as new competitors entered the field, something unnatural happened. The majority of new competitors were 1, 2 or 3 person marketing companies masquerading as chemical companies, buying product from the few manufacturers making this stuff, slapping their own label on it for resale and keeping prices high to pay their own overhead. As the market developed, the few manufacturers that were selling direct to end users elected not to drop prices but to rake in the high margins the market had created."

This trend showed no signs of ending last month at the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas, NV. There seems to be yet a new group of marketing companies positioning themselves as "chemical companies" and offering to sell coatings to the market that they don't make --- perpetuating outrageous pricing. The prices seen in Vegas ranged from $110 to $160 per gallon.
All these middle men add little to no real value to the equation and just jack up the prices to the people who actually sell and lay floors.

"How can Slide-Lok sell it for so much less and guarantee a quality product?" Strayer said rhetorically. "The short answer is that Slide-Lok has acquired a chemical manufacturer, and we are now making our own product. We've eliminated the middle men."

Strayer continued, "Slide-Lok has been in the garage business for over 22 years, making it the oldest continuing name in the garage organization industry today. Our chief chemist has an even longer track record, having manufactured coatings for 25 plus years -- including epoxies, polyurethanes, and polyaspartics."

Slide-Lok is now in direct control of the quality of our product and can assure that no third-party supplier can dilute the solids content of our product to put more money in their pocket while putting us and your floors at risk. Slide-Lok has built its chief chemist's new laboratory and offices in one of its facilities giving the direct and immediate access to one of the most knowledgeable chemists in the coatings industry.
Strayer added, "This is already improving our tech support when dealers call in for technical support. One of my complaints with the marketing companies pretending to be chemical companies is that their tech support is basically limited to, at most, an experienced applicator. That's fine if you have a surface prep question but frankly, these people are not chemists and can't answer the tougher questions. Eventually, you're going to have a question about the chemistry and a particular application and you want to talk to a real chemist. We now have that access."

Slide-Lok is positioning itself to be a supplier of good quality products at unbeatable prices. Based on what Slide-Lok's price checkers saw at the World of Concrete show last month, they believe that their new floor coating prices are the best on the market today.

"Enjoy the new low prices on our polyaspartic, and please call and let us know if you think we're on the right track of if you have any questions or want to place an order. We're trying hard to change the way we run our business and offer you good quality products at unbeatable prices," said Strayer.
Source: Slide-Lok Corporation

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