--  Pioneer Millworks is reintroducing one of their most popular reclaimed flooring products, Tan Oak, after securing a large supply of the rare oak planks from American horse farms.

Pioneer Millworks reintroduces rare oak flooringHugely popular with large retailers, designers, and homeowners, Pioneer sold out of its original inventory of Tan Oak within a few months of introducing the product. “One of the challenging aspects of crafting flooring out of hard-to-find wood is that there’s not an infinite supply,” says Jered Slusser of Pioneer Millworks. “One of the advantages we have over others is our experienced, full-time wood acquisitions team that does nothing but source antique and recycled wood. So, we’re fortunate to have acquired such a large inventory.”

Years of farm duty and exposure to the elements give this flooring a deep, tan hue, prominent grain patterns, textural interest, and the occasional reminder of its past life — character not found in fresh sawn oak. Rather than sending the oak planks to pasture, Pioneer reclaimed as much as they could source, and re-milled them into this Limited Edition floor.

Slusser continues, “The non-commodity nature of our products is one of the reasons our customers choose us; they like that our products aren’t sold at big box stores; they love that their floor has its own story to tell; and they appreciate that reclaimed flooring uses existing materials, helping to conserve fragile natural resources.”

Tan Oak is available as a pre-finished (aluminum oxide) solid wood floor in single width, random lengths, and is entirely sourced and crafted in the USA. Pricing starts at $7.50 sq. ft. plus shipping. Pre-orders are being taken now for August through fall delivery, while supplies last.

Pioneer Millworks is the leader in the reclaimed wood industry, having given more than 20 million board feet of old wood new life as flooring, millwork, cabinetry, and more. All sourced and manufactured in the USA from New York and Oregon — in a way that’s healthy for customers, employees, and the environment. Pioneer Millworks is FSC certified and Green America approved. All of their products are LEED point eligible.

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