Farmington, NY -- Pioneer Millworks, a leader in the recycled wood industry, has revamped their purchasing and manufacturing methods in an effort to improve material yields and streamline production processes, resulting in significantly better pricing options for customers.

In addition to lower pricing, Pioneer Millworks will be offering consolidated width varieties and wide widths for every order. "We've evaluated how we process our raw reclaimed materials and along the way created higher efficiency in our manufacturing, better yields and wide widths," states Martin Brett, general manager at Pioneer Millworks. "With six of our most popular species available for around six dollars a square foot, we're excited that the same changes that benefit us benefit our consumers."

The traditional Pioneer Millworks reclaimed product lines, including their popular Settlers' Plank Hardwoods and American Gothic Chestnut, have received significant price cuts. In addition, new products native to the company's west coast location are available. These include Knotty N'Naily Douglas fir and Original Circle Sawn softwoods.

Antique, reclaimed flooring shows signs of its previous life with ferrous staining from nails or bolts, insect marks and more. Pioneer Millworks offers 3 to 10 inch widths - or wider in some cases - in nearly every one of their reclaimed products. These boards celebrate their character across broad expanses creating storied living spaces unmatched by their narrow, fresh sawn counterparts.

As the name reflects, Pioneer Millworks was a pioneer in the salvaged and reclaimed antique wood industry. They're proud to give old wood new life as flooring, timbers, millwork, cabinetry, and more. They fully source and manufacture in the USA in New York and Oregon, in a way that's healthy for you, their employees, and the environment. Their products offer ecologically conscious homeowners, designers, and builders an alternative to non-sustainable flooring, paneling and millwork without compromising quality, character, or selection. Pioneer Millworks is FSC certified and Green America approved. All of their products are LEED point eligible.

SOURCE: Pioneer Millworks

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