Innovative Plastics and Molding (IPM) a natural fiber composite technology company has received its Canadian patent 2,547,523 on September, 14, 2010 for a molded article with a cellular wall having a cavity(s) comprised of a wood flour and polyolefin. This is in addition to his already received US patent 7,214,420 in May of 2007.

Robert Joyce the owner of IPM believes that his molded polyolefin part consisting of a renewable “green” highly filled natural fiber composition has many benefits that are extremely valuable. Joyce says fluid assist technology, preferably nitrogen, is the necessary tool that can help produce a molded part with a high natural fiber content having superior stiffness to weight ratio and cost advantages. Joyce feels, because the natural fibers are compressible and do not retain heat like plastic, a molder has the ability to realize a significant processing advantage compared to some other filled compounded polyolefin’s. Moreover, fluid assist will greatly help reduce part cycle time and residence time of the natural fiber in the molding machine, plus, promote heat transfer from the part as well to reduce sink and war page. Joyce says that a 40% cycle time reduction is achievable with the right combination of the natural fiber composite and processing methods over traditional materials. Other advantages that fluid assist technology can provide in a highly filled natural fiber part include improved part definition, better fiber dispersion, absence of weld lines, and an impervious skin for increased weather ability.
In addition, IPM has a patent pending molded product 12/321,093 that can utilize a natural fiber and polyolefin alloy composition “FibreTuff” having superior structural attributes like screw retention, excellent heat deflection temperatures and adhesive qualities. Joyce’s recent work includes injection molding the wood composite polyolefin material consisting of 40% wood flour and polyolefin composition to hardboard or veneers without glues or adhesives, “The adhesive strength is remarkable” Joyce says. The hardboard with the wood plastic composite is a terrific green equation for a 3 dimensional part - weight reduction, cost savings and a low carbon footprint. Joyce has molded the wood composite with S1S Hardboard, these boards have more than 97% cellulosic fiber content that come in sheets having excellent acoustic attributes, various metallic and wood topcoats with a high stiffness and a low cost. Joyce sees the applications in Automotive – load floors, headliners, cargo trays, seats, doors, appliqués, Furniture – frames, seat backs and bottoms, arms, Building and construction – floors, walls, siding, windows, doors, cabinets, acoustical ceiling tiles, Packaging / Cases – luggage, trays, containers, palletizing, supports. 

For a minimal investment, Robert Joyce licenses IPM technology to molders who want to go “green” and provide their customers with new structural products and a low cost solution. IPM also provides the technical assistance to help mold and compound the natural fiber composite “FibreTuff”, and provide assistance with design and development of those products. He feels that natural fiber composite parts with structural integrity will create demand for many millions of pounds of production for compounders. Robert Joyce says some of the natural fiber compounders in the marketplace now have capacity to supply “FibreTuff” material for a reasonable cost and are looking for that critical mass.

Joyce feels the technology is a huge opportunity for vertical integration, molders or compounders that believe proprietary end products and sustainability are the key to profits and growth. Furthermore, the “FibreTuff” natural fiber composite parts can be recycled or incinerated, providing an alternative energy source at end of life.

About IPM
Robert Joyce, the owner of IPM, is a family man, business owner, entrepreneur, technology consultant for IPM’s natural fibers and polyolefin molded products. Joyce protects IPM innovations with confidentiality and ownership contracts. Robert Joyce is a fighter for improved business ethics and principles and has been self employed for almost eighteen years. For more information contact website

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