Osborne Wood Products catalog in new format

Osborne Wood Products’ newly issued Catalog 115 represents a departure from the catalog’s previous format in addition to reflecting the company’s expanding line of product offerings. The new cover design is uncluttered compared to previous editions, showing a single image of a well-appointed kitchen that tastefully utilizes Osborne product. This catalog issue also reflects a twenty percent increase in size over the last edition, which brought the number of pages up high enough to allow this catalog to be perfect-bound as opposed to stapled.

Other new formatting changes that customers will find useful include the addition of tabs on the right edge that provides quick reference to five catalog categories including: Kitchen Island Legs and Columns; Corbels and Carvings; Decorative Moldings; Cabinet and Furniture Feet; and Furniture Components. An additional helpful feature is the “What’s New” notation in the lower left corner of each of the tabbed pages that lists any newly introduced products within that particular category along with the page number for the product.

A number of products are new to the catalog. Fusion Legs – made available for purchase online in March – are featured on page seven of the new catalog. Stainless steel corbels are also included as well as ceiling medallions, and newly expanded section of moldings and a specialized new molding with optional decorative inserts. Osborne’s new line of table aprons and table extension slides are featured as well.

The availability of Osborne’s catalog 116 has been timed to coordinate with two upcoming exhibitions at which it will be distributed directly to attendees. This is in addition to the regular mailing of catalogs to existing customers.

SOURCE: Osborne Wood Products

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