OneBuild acquires Integrated Building Solutions of Oregon

SEATTLE, WA - OneBuild, Inc., the West Coast's premier supplier of off-site, manufactured building modules and components to the construction industry, today announced that it has acquired Integrated Building Solutions of Oregon, Inc. (IBS), a manufacturing company located in southern Oregon specializing in customized modular components.

In an all-stock transaction, OneBuild acquired the assets and ongoing operations of IBS and entered into a lease for its manufacturing facility in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The owners and management of IBS will be retained by OneBuild to expand the management team and production capability, said Dale Sperling, president and chief executive officer of OneBuild.

The company also announced that it has closed an initial funding round of more than $3 million from private investors that will be used for capital expansion, marketing and business growth, Sperling said. The company did not disclose additional details on its funding.

"This acquisition of IBS enables us to combine and enhance our respective strengths as we approach the building industry from different, yet complementary perspectives," Sperling said. "Together we are able to provide viable building alternatives in response to the obstacles currently plaguing the construction industry."
Sperling said OneBuild provides the corporate foundation for the company, offering access to the Puget Sound market through its team's extensive background in real estate and development in Washington and Oregon. IBS has considerable experience in the modular building industry, particularly in applying a manufacturing perspective and software-driven automated equipment to small-scale, wood-frame construction, he said.

The company's manufacturing facility in Klamath Falls is equipped with state-of-the-art Weinmann robotic equipment that enables construction to occur in a precise, controlled environment, resulting in increased efficiencies, energy savings, and reduced waste when compared with more traditional site-built construction, Sperling said.

"We will continue to deliver the quality and consistency provided by IBS, with renewed emphasis on multi-family projects, large-scale developments, and wall panel production," Sperling said. "Our systems-built modular techniques ensure an efficient production process and a uniform product, which is in increasing demand as the construction market adapts to the new economy."

About OneBuild

OneBuild, Inc. is the West Coast's premier supplier of off-site, manufactured building modules and components to the construction industry. The company was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Seattle.

About Integrated Building Solutions (IBS)

IBS builds highly custom single and multi-family projects, tract home developments, and light commercial structures across the West Coast. The company provides design and engineering services, factory fabrication, and on-site installation, and produces panelized and complete building modules using standard wood framing, light gauge steel, and structural insulated panel (SIP) framing. The company was founded in 2004 and is a licensed contractor in Oregon and California.

SOURCE: OneBuild

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