FAIRLAWN, OHIO – OMNOVA Solutions announced its 2010 Technology Award recipients. This annual award program recognizes exemplary technological contributions by associates in OMNOVA's research and development, sales and marketing, technical service, operations, product management, LEAN SixSigma and strategic sourcing organizations.

These technological innovations in new product development and process improvements are positively impacting customers in virtually all of OMNOVA's served markets including performance chemicals for paper, carpet and coatings applications, as well as recycled films used for commercial and industrial end uses, laminates for the healthcare market and specialty commercial wallcoverings.

Recipients hail from across OMNOVA's global operations, including its Performance Chemicals business segment facilities in Akron, Ohio; Mogadore, Ohio; Calhoun, Georgia; and Green Bay, Wisconsin, as well as the Company's newly acquired chemical facilities in Villejust and Le Havre, France. OMNOVA's Decorative Products business segment is also well represented with Technology Award winners from its plants in Jeannette and Auburn, Pennsylvania; and Columbus, Mississippi.

"As a more global company, these innovations enable us to distinguish ourselves in the markets in which we serve," said Kevin McMullen, OMNOVA Solutions' Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "We are better positioned to realize opportunities in new and adjacent markets through the enhancement of our existing competencies, as well as developing new, sustainable offerings for the future. These innovation teams have clearly focused on delivering value to our customers and enhancing our operations."

Innovation titles, summaries and recipients are as follows:

GenCryl Pt® 7845 Paper Coating Latex

Mike Flickinger – Akron, Ohio

Scott Sabourin – Technical Sales/Field

John Westerman – Akron, Ohio

Dave Williams – Akron, Ohio

This innovation team developed an enhanced precoat binding system for the paper market that meets stringent mill operation requirements. The new emulsion polymer draws from OMNOVA's robust cross-market portfolio of paper and specialty chemicals. The new product provides improved binding strength while retaining key performance attributes of earlier technologies.

Hydro Pliolite® 010 Emulsified Binding System

Maurille Secher – Villejust, France

Emmanuel Bousseau – Villejust, France

Cedric Airaud – Villejust, France

Jean-Marie Schmuck – Villejust, France

Sylvain Bourguinon – Le Havre, France

Stanislas Amyot D'Inville – Le Havre, France

This team developed OMNOVA's Hydro Pliolite 010 resin for water-based masonry paint sold into the European market. This novel chemistry achieves the adhesion qualities specified by paint producers, while also meeting stringent European environmental guidelines. In addition to formulation work, the team successfully opened a new production unit in Le Havre, France which provides advanced processing capabilities for Hydro Pliolite products. This innovation extends the Company's strong reputation in the architectural coatings market.

Non-PVC Films for Healthcare Applications

Mike Easterling – Auburn, Pennsylvania

Jim Chapman – Field Sales

This team successfully converted a customer's portfolio of vinyl laminates to a non-PVC construction to support the needs of the healthcare market. Working with OMNOVA's Auburn, Pennsylvania team, the pair simultaneously co-developed the non-PVC construction while also implementing a PVC-free ink system for the laminate printing process. This is exemplary of OMNOVA's expanding portfolio and capabilities to serve the needs of the growing global healthcare market.

High Solids/High Strength Low-Ammonia Carpet Latex

Mitch Shipman – Mogadore, Ohio

Chris Wilkey – Calhoun, Georgia

Michael Chastain – Calhoun, Georgia

Danny Parker – Calhoun, Georgia

Brian Gnagey – Calhoun, Georgia

This cross-functional team developed OMNOVA's environmentally preferred NovaGreen™ 7510 latex for carpet backing, which can be used in customer binding systems to reduce energy usage during production. The product's high wet strength enables the finished carpet to withstand significant regular cleanings in commercial and residential environments.

PVC Recycling Process (Jeannette, Pennsylvania)

Dave Pippert – Jeannette, Pennsylvania

Dave Gabriel – Jeannette, Pennsylvania

Doug Phillips – Jeannette, Pennsylvania

This team designed processes and installed equipment that enables OMNOVA's Jeannette, Pennsylvania Decorative Products facility to recycle unused PVC back into production. These actions decrease the amount of scrap sent to landfills, reduce the need for virgin raw materials and eliminate the need for outsourcing the granulation and blending processes.

Saturated Cardboard Barriers

Mark Siebers – Field Sales

Carla McBain – Akron, Ohio

Ron Waite – Akron, Ohio

Ellis Bloodworth – Akron, Ohio

Tim Urbach – Akron, Ohio

Working closely with a customer, this team developed an emulsion polymer for cold storage produce boxes. The full capabilities of OMNOVA's Pilot Paper Coater were utilized to trial a variety of formulations and to mimic the customer's coating processes. The final product meets all customer specifications and does not inhibit recycling at the end of the box's useful life.

Reduced Odor/High Strength Latex for Specialty Papers

John Westerman – Akron, Ohio

Brian Scott – Akron, Ohio

Rick Ellenberg – Technical Sales/Field

Joy Untch – Mogadore, Ohio

Pam Arndorfer – Green Bay, Wisconsin

Mark Pomush – Green Bay, Wisconsin

Vlad Hrosinkov – Fairlawn, Ohio

This team developed a latex paper coating that required reduced odor and high strength properties for use in a non-traditional printing process. This cross-functional team worked quickly to deliver a solution that not only meets specifications, but provides additional benefits to the customer's manufacturing processes.

Specialty Wallcovering Base Technology and Processes

Ronnie Bell – Columbus, Mississippi

Rob Moore – Columbus, Mississippi

Steve Bergeron – Strategic Accounts/Field

Kenneth Sisson – Columbus, Mississippi

Tony Warrington – Columbus, Mississippi

Doug Brown – Columbus, Mississippi

Scott Adams – Columbus, Mississippi

David Cox – Columbus, Mississippi

Jimmy Parker – Columbus, Mississippi

This team further enhanced OMNOVA's leadership position and core competencies by developing a unique specialty construction for the commercial wallcovering market. The product meets strict color, surface tension, defect and packaging requirements. Work on this innovation included rigorous product development and testing, as well as the implementation of new systems.

OMNOVA Solutions Inc. is a technology-based company with pro forma sales for the twelve months ending May 31, 2011 of $1.2 billion and a global workforce of approximately 2,800. OMNOVA is an innovator of emulsion polymers, specialty chemicals, and decorative and functional surfaces for a variety of commercial, industrial and residential end uses. Visit OMNOVA Solutions on the internet at www.omnova.com.

GENCRYL PT is a registered trademark of OMNOVA Solutions.

NOVAGREEN is a trademark of OMNOVA Solutions.

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