Huntingburg, IN -- OFS Brands, the parent company to Carolina, OFS, First Office and Loewenstein and a leader in the corporate, healthcare, education and hospitality furniture markets, introduces the newest generation of antimicrobial wood finishes. SilverBan™, an innovative technology, is custom engineered to fight the growth of damaging bacteria on finished wood products.

Carolina, which focuses primarily on the burgeoning healthcare market, has more than a decade of experience in working with anti-microbial wood finishes. Previously, Carolina had utilized FiniGUARD as their anti-microbial solution to address a wide range of infection control concerns common in healthcare facilities. Over the past six months, engineers and scientists from both OFS Brands and their finish suppliers have collaborated to incorporate an anti-microbial into their patented Euroluxe™ wood finish. Euroluxe™ is a chemically re-engineered Urethane clear coat that allows for much greater performance with chemical and scratch resistance, as well as significantly reduces dangerous formaldehyde emissions. The new SilverBan™ technology uses silver ions infused into the Euroluxe™ wood finish for antimicrobial protection on all exposed wood surfaces. SilverBan™ works continuously by disrupting key cell functions so that microbes can’t grow or reproduce.

“This new technology enables us to provide an anti-microbial solution unique to the contract furniture industry”, explains Mike Wagner, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, OFS Brands. “The issue of infection control has stretched well beyond the healthcare industry. Corporate, education and hospitality environments also recognize the need to address these concerns.”

In a time when employees’ and patients’ health and safety are key concerns for employers and hospitals, SilverBan™ works 24/7 for an added level of defense. Laboratory tests show that bacteria can double within 20 minutes on unprotected surfaces. Most germs can only be seen by the human eye once they have multiplied to hundreds of thousands. SilverBan™ technology immediately goes to work fighting the spread of germs and bacteria on wood surfaces. SilverBan™ inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria on wood surfaces, as well as odors caused by bacterial growth, by 99.99%.

Hank Menke, President and CEO, OFS Brands, stresses the benefits not only for their customers, but for facilities in general. “SilverBan™ technology is a significant leap for our industry,” states Menke. “Its qualities contribute to benefits such as infection control and easy maintenance for the healthcare, education and corporate environments. That is especially beneficial now as the widely anticipated flu season is upon us. Facilities need the reassurance of fighting the spread of infections which can ultimately have a negative impact on attendance and profitability.”

SilverBan™ is available on all exposed wood products from Carolina, OFS, First Office and Loewenstein.

OFS Brands, Inc. is a family owned corporation, headquartered in Huntingburg, Indiana, and is committed to providing socially responsible furniture and logistic solutions through better design, excellent performance, and innovative products and services. For more information contact Chris Rogers, Director of Design, OFS Brands, Inc.

Source: OFS Brands Inc.

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