NORDAM delivers cabinets for Dassault F7X

TULSA, OK--The NORDAM Group announced the delivery of the first ship set of cabinets for Dassault Aviation’s Falcon 7X aircraft. NORDAM was awarded the program to produce cabinetry for the F7X in April 2008. The first ship set is being delivered in three separate shipments; the first of which was sent out March 9.

NORDAM’s cabinetry division, located in Wichita, KS, is responsible for producing all aspects of cabinetry for the F7X, which is known as a long-range business jet and is the largest and latest aircraft in Dassault’s fleet. Dassault is a new customer for the Wichita team and the group has been very busy over the past few months creating composite parts and components, interior liners and shells, as well as flat panels for the F7X. NORDAM is also producing a full compliment of interior furnishings ranging from galleys to bulkheads, sliding doors, vanities, table tops, and side ledges.

All parts are customized to the end user’s specifications and some require the use of exotic veneers and precious metal plating for hardware. Of the finished product to date, Dassault’s VIP inspectors were extremely pleased with the quality and workmanship of NORDAM’s cabinetry division. “NORDAM has had a long standing relationship with Dassault and the Wichita division was honored to be awarded the cabinetry project for the F7X. We have worked very hard and are excited to be broadening the services we provide to Dassault,” said Russ DeVasure, general manager of NORDAM Wichita. NORDAM’s cabinetry program for the Dassault F7X is expected to last several years.

The NORDAM Group, headquartered in Tulsa, Okla., is one of the largest independently owned aerospace companies in the world. NORDAM designs, certifies and manufactures integrated propulsion systems, nacelles and thrust reversers for business jets. In addition, NORDAM manufactures composite aircraft structures, interior shells, custom cabinetry, radomes, and aircraft transparencies such as cabin windows, wing tip lenses and simulator screens. It is also one of the world’s largest third-party providers of maintenance, repair and overhaul services to the military, commercial airline and air freight markets. The company employs approximately 2,200 people around the globe, with facilities in the U.S., United Kingdom, and Singapore.


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