New Becker Acroma Logotype Unveiled at LignaHANNOVER, GERMANY –

The Sherwin-Williams Company unveiled the new logotype for its Becker Acroma brand at the 2011 Ligna show. The new logotype is designed to reflect the movement, fluidity, strength and global nature that have made the Becker Acroma name one of the most trusted in the wood industry today.

“We wanted to be true to Becker Acroma’s brand roots while capturing its current strengths and continuing commitment to be a customized global supplier,” says Drew McCandless, President of Sherwin-Williams Product Finishes Division.

The Sherwin-Williams Product Finishes Division leads the expansion of the company’s global distribution network across six continents, while continuing R&D investments that will ensure that Becker Acroma customers have innovative and environmentally adaptive solutions today and tomorrow – locally and globally.

“In industrial wood coatings you need to be local if you are a global enterprise. In that respect we are the same Becker Acroma, coming out and selling in the same way, even if we have a new logo,” explains Kaj Brandt, Vice President and General Manager of Sherwin-Williams Product Finishes Europe and former CEO of Becker Acroma.

Adds McCandless, “In the factory applied finishes market, almost every coating is individually produced, individually customized product, and what’s unique for us is that Sherwin-Williams, with Becker Acroma, we’re really the only company in the space that has the global breadth to be in all the markets around the world as well as the local presence of local field technicians, local distribution support, local blending facilities to support that whole global focus with a local mission. “

Global wood finishers have trusted Becker Acroma solutions for more than 140 years. The new Becker Acroma logo symbolizes a renewed commitment to helping industrial wood finishers grow their businesses today and tomorrow.

About Sherwin-Williams Product Finishes
The Sherwin-Williams Product Finishes Division provides metal, plastic and wood finishing solutions to global brands and OEMs in markets as diverse as kitchen cabinets, heavy equipment, wind energy, medical equipment, electronic enclosures, wood and metal building products, automotive under hood, wood and metal furniture, military equipment and munitions, and general product finishing. The manufacturing, technical, facility and distribution networks of Product Finishes extend over six continents. This expansive infrastructure allows Sherwin-Williams to provide our OEM partners with advanced liquid and powder product finishes, extensive on-site technical resources, design and color expertise, and regional manufacturing support - all on a global scale. For more than 145 years customers have trusted Sherwin-Williams for a better finish. For a Better Finish. Ask Sherwin-Williams.

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