M.K. Morse presents Achiever bandsaw blades

CANTON, OH -- The Morse Achiever™ bi-metal production band saw blade produces dramatic increases in blade life while reducing changeover and downtime cost. The Morse Achiever’s™ increased fatigue strength is the result of a high chrome backer. The extremely durable edge wire provides superior cutting life.

The Morse Achiever™ blade has excellent resistance to heat and fatigue. The high chrome content in our steel backer increases fatigue life and minimizes blade breaks. The Morse Achiever™ production bands offer consistent performance from blade to blade in a wide range of materials. Sawing applications include profiles and solids of carbon, alloy, tool and stainless steel being single, layer and bundle cut.

About The M. K. Morse Company
For almost fifty years M. K. Morse has been providing professional quality products and dependable service. M. K. Morse offers a wide range of hand tool and power tool accessories, including hole saws, reciprocating saw blades, jig saw blades, portable band saw blades and hack saw blades, as well as industrial quality band saw blades and metal cutting circular saws and blades. M. K. Morse products are readily available from contractor and industrial supply houses worldwide.

SOURCE: The M.K. Morse Co.

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