Micro Fence has introduced a new metric version of it is award winning plunge base for laminate trimmer motors. The Plunge Base (and accompanying Edge Guide and Circle Jigs can now be ordered to fit virtually any router or trimmer with imperial (.001 readouts) or metric (1/20th of a millimeter) dials. The system vastly improves the efficiency of hand-held router set-ups by virtue of it is tack sharp measurement and features machine-tool quality in all it is components.

The Micro Fence System makes your hand-held router into the precision milling machine it's capable of being, in all straight line, circular and elliptical woodworking applications. Bringing its concept of precision directly from the machine-tool trade, it provides micrometer-adjusted measuring capability that streamlines set-ups by maximizing accuracy and efficiency.

The system addresses all edge-referenced operations with tack-sharp .001" or .1mm readouts. Micro Fence now can now be fitted to more than 60 models of routers, laminate trimmers, circular saws and high-speed rotary tools.

http://woodworkingnetwork.com/Micro-Fence-announces-base-metric-version/2010-09-10/Article.aspx?oid=1234951The Micro Fence System is machined entirely of brass, stainless steel, aluminum and acetal plastic for non-corroding durability. The major components or "building blocks" of the Micro Fence product line include: The Edge-Guide, the Portable Three-Axis Mill or Plunge Base, the Circle Jig, and the Ellipse Jig. Each provides unique task capabilities, but all provide precision machine-tool measurement in .001" increments.

Source: Micro Fence

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