Tolland, CT – The leader in kitchen cabinet design comes together with the leading CAM vendor. Mastercam is partnering with 20-20 Technologies to make kitchen designing easier than ever before.

You can now design in 20-20 Design or 20-20 CAD and output precise information to Mastercam to automate the toolpath, nest your parts, and post out the code. You can even machine custom designed 3D parts and products (like fixtures and unique components) that come from 20-20 CAD.

Here is how it works:

- Create your drawings in 20-20 Design or ShopWare CAD.

- The products in these drawings are imported into the manufacturing software which manages all parts, materials, and reports, and releases the parts for machining, which creates DXF files and your worklist. And, because all of these steps are parametrically connected, the process is seamless.

- The DXF files are fed into Mastercam ATP, which generates the toolpaths, nests the parts, and generates the code for your specific machine.

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