The second edition of OPEN TECH was held last month by MAKOR GROUP on 4-5th November. Following the upgrade of the test lab and more in general of the area dedicated to process demonstrations, this event represented a great opportunity for the company to showcase the latest innovations to dealers and clients.

With the worldwide economic situation still uncertain and with demand still very weak in some of the major markets, MAKOR GROUP strategy remains clear: invest in research and development, raise technical offer and services available for the clients.

The enlargement of the test lab goes exactly in this direction and allows MAKOR GROUP to increase the various cycles that can be analysed and simulated with clients and coating suppliers.

While Saturday was dedicated to final users and dealers from Italy, Friday saw the massive participation of the export sales network, with all major European dealers very interested to the several demonstrations dedicated to innovative process cycles with highlights on chipboard edge UV putty application and following top coat by flat-line spray, coating and sanding of MDF panel edges, finishing of profiles using latest generation UV coatings, squaring and shaping of panels by Tecnolegno double-end tenoner and the application of high-gloss finishing by means of CNC anthropomorphic spray robot.

Much interest was also generated by the complete line set-up for window components, an innovative system that gives clients equipped with the latest CNC window machining centres, to continue piece by piece processing of the window also in the finishing and sanding area. This makes it possible to assemble the window once the profile components have already been coated also on heads and tails, with clear advantages for the production process.

During the two days there have been several occasions for discussions on different issues and the possibility for MAKOR to exchange ideas and impressions especially with its sales network, through specially dedicated work teams and one-to-one meetings. A very important occasion to discuss present-day issues of the finishing sector and new market strategies, in order to get ready for 2011 both on a technical and a strategic level.


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