Larson Electronics releases explosion-proof LED light cart
August 15, 2011 | 4:09 pm CDT

Larson Electronicsc announced the addition of a wheeled cart explosion proof LED light for paint spray booth, powder spray booth and blasting applications. UL listed Class 1 Division 1 and 2 as well as Class 2 Division 1 and 2, the high-powered LED light cart carries a separate paint spray booth certification with its T6 temperature rating. The EPLCD-48-2L-LED cart light generates 5300 Kelvin color light output with 75 CRI and produces more light output from 48 watt LED bulbs, than a standard configuration with a 108 watt T5HO configuration.

Continuing an effort to create a wider array of explosion proof LED lights for hazardous location areas, Larson Electronics unveiled the EPLCD-48-2L-LED [explosion proof LED paint spray light cart]. Featuring a four foot two lamp LED light on wheeled dolly cart, this hazardous location LED light is UL listed for Class 1 Division 1 (flammable vapors always present) and Class 2 Division 1 areas (explosive dusts always present). The Magnalight explosion proof LED light with a dolly cart is also UL listed for Class 1 Division 2 and Class 2 Division 2 hazardous location areas, where flammable vapors or combustible dusts are sometimes present. Housed in a cast aluminum housing and sealed heat treated Pyres tubes, the 50,000 life hour lamps provide 15% more light output than two 54 Watt T5HO bulbs, but only draw at 48 watts. The completely sealed unit is applicable for paint spray booths, powder coat booths and all types of water and grit blasting environments. Under 50 pounds, this [explosion proof LED light] is easy to move and position beside or underneath an object for ideal illumination. The protective wire guard enables operators to place plastic wrap over the LED light lens to catch and remove overspray in paint spray environments, while the vapor proof light can also be washed down after blasting applications.

“We have had excellent feedback on our surface mount explosion proof LED lighting like the EPL-48-2L-LED, and now we are offering portable LED lights for hazardous locations as well,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’ “Our explosion proof LED lights for paint spray booths offer 5300 Kelvin color with 75 CRI, which is ideal for true color applications. The solid state LED technology and most current thermal management board design ensure operators will get vibration proof, 50,000 life hour durability. This [LED light] easily outperforms a 70 watt metal halide in area coverage and overall color correct illumination in an area measuring 20 feet by 40 feet, while producing no additional heat in areas where the ambient temperature is above 50 degrees F. Finally, these hazardous location lights produce no UV light, cut energy usage by half and are mercury free.”

Larson Electronics offers a wide array of explosion proof LED lighting and hazardous location LED lighting for surface mount and portable applications. In addition to a wide array of standard and low voltage LED lighting, options include Class 1 Division 1 LED lighting, Class 1 Division 2 LED lighting and a wide array of intrinsically safe LED lighting for portable applications.

SOURCE: Larson Electronics

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