KCD Software is known for easy-to-use programs that let custom cabinet and closet designers present vibrant 3-D renderings, create price lists and seamlessly connect to production.

Now, KCD Software’s just-released update, Version 9.050, lets designers customize units even more easily with a new configuration wizard.

“What we’re doing now is taking it up a notch. You can fly with this software,” said KCD Software Sales Manager Ken Frye.

Frye said that with the update, which is available for free to Version 9 users, designers can create a personal library of favorite cabinet and closet units with a click of the mouse, and save it to an easily accessible menu. Custom variations become core components, and can be dropped in and modified, making it a snap to show customers.

He said, “It’s a huge time-saving device, and what's great is the units in the menu can be preset for all designers to a workable size for traditional or CNC production.”

“You’re creating a library that’s unique to you,” Frye said. “You’re saving, grabbing and going.”

The Version 9 configuration wizard is ideal not only for independent shops, but also for companies that want to distribute trademark designs to a network of professionals. “This will help simplify the design and this will simplify production. They’ll be putting up designs that work,” Frye said.

And since whole room designs can be saved to the library, in addition to custom cabinet or closet units, Version 9’s new wizard saves time working with condos and duplexes.

The update also includes a countertop edge profiler with ready-to-use countertop edges, so designers can create their own custom profiles when needed.

“We’re giving people a way of managing their business so the program is configured to do what they like to do most,” Frye said. “We’re catering to our customers.”

KCD Software has approached software development from a customer’s viewpoint since cabinetmaker John Murphy founded the company on Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 1983. Winner of the Adex Award for woodworking design and the Sequoia Award for innovation and productivity in woodworking software, KCD Software offers multi-tiered programs to design, price, and build cabinet and closets, backed by free technical support and a commitment to each customer’s success.

SOURCE: KCD Software

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