KBIS: Merrilat offers updated Kitchen Helper app

ANN ARBOR (MI) — Due to the popularity of the Merillat Kitchen Helper App, which launched in November 2010, Merillat is spicing things up. Now available on iTunes®, phase II of the Merillat Kitchen Helper App continues to offer consumers solutions to make life in the kitchen easier with new features.

How does the Kitchen Helper App work?

Out of milk and covered in flour? With the Merillat Kitchen Helper App you will never run out of a key recipe ingredient again. The Merillat Kitchen Helper App allows cooks to find ingredient substitutions for those commonly used items, without having to leave the kitchen.

For example, if a recipe calls for olive oil and you’re all out, try melted shortening. Or, did you know salt can be substituted with powdered kelp or sesame salt?

What’s new about Phase II of the Kitchen Helper App?

Merillat has taken the Kitchen Helper App one step further by adding simple measurement conversions, making it easier to ensure you have the exact ingredient quantities for each recipe. The conversions include liquid ingredients, dry ingredients and even temperatures. Users are able to select the unit of measurement and then indicate what quantity or fraction their recipe calls for; and just like that, you have an accurate measurement! For example, if a recipe calls for a cup of flour and all you have is a tablespoon, no problem 16 tablespoons will do the trick.

Temperature conversions are easy with the Kitchen Helper App as well. A slider will change the temperatures dynamically to present both the Fahrenheit and Celsius values.

“Our goal at Merillat is to help make cooking, prepping and living in the kitchen easier,” said Theresa Vitta, vice president of Merillat. “With the Merillat Kitchen Helper App, not only can you find quick and easy ingredient substitutions, but now you have access to measurement conversions right at your finger tips.”

The Merillat Kitchen Helper App is just one example of how Merillat continues to provide innovative solutions to make cooking in the kitchen easier and much more fun!

About Merillat
Merillat knows how meaningful innovation and functional storage can make prepping, cooking, entertaining and living in the kitchen easier. To demonstrate how Merillat kitchens are highly functional and filled with a variety of smart storage solutions, the company recently launched a national multi-media advertising and public relations campaign centered around the theme of The Dream Kitchen for the Real World. Merillat is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and part of Masco Cabinetry. All Merillat products carry the seal of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer Association (KCMA). A leader in environmental stewardship, Masco Cabinetry has been granted an Environmental Stewardship Program certificate by the KCMA and is ISO 14001 certified.

SOURCE: Merrilat

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