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ANN ARBOR, MI -- Before any cabinets are built, counters and floors are installed, or walls are painted, KraftMaid Cabinetry knows that a dream kitchen begins with a vision. Bringing that vision to life is often the most challenging step of any kitchen design or remodel. In keeping with its commitment to kitchen design that “becomes you,” and to help homeowners overcome that challenge and create a design starting point, the company created an online design tool to channel that vision into something tangible and shareable.

The tool, taking shape in the form of an Inspiration Board, is a rich collage of words and images, including the newest kitchen and bath selections from KraftMaid. Users of the tool gather colors, textures, illustrations, photos and phrases found on the web or in their personal digital archives that speak to them and evoke the mood and feeling they envision in their kitchens. This collage can be saved, shared, printed and updated to reflect their personal vision, serving as a conduit between them and their designer as they begin the design process together.

“We’re looking forward to these Inspiration Boards becoming an integral part of our kitchen design process, helping homeowners define their style and providing them with a visual method to discuss with their designer,” explained Mark Ayers, vice president of marketing for KraftMaid Cabinetry.

It’s not just design decisions that define a person’s style, but how an individual approaches everyday decisions and the thought process behind those decisions that are vital to individual style.

“Every decision you make during the day reflects your personal style—whether it’s how you get to work, the type of coffee you buy or the prominent colors in your home,” said Sarah Reep, director of designer relations and education at KraftMaid Cabinetry. “Inspiration Boards are the simplest way of channeling the essence of a dream kitchen into something tangible and sharable. It’s up to the homeowner to define how that image will materialize.”

Reep recommends that homeowners start with a space that inspires them, whether that’s a room in a friend’s home or a photo from a design blog. From there, homeowners can use KraftMaid’s Inspiration Boards to choose colors, illustrations, images and words that define their own unique style. Using the Inspiration Boards to develop a theme, such as modern, traditional, casual or country, homeowners can find the ideal look for their dream home.

Homeowners are encouraged to create multiple Inspiration Boards to explore the full range of personal styles that may define them.

About KraftMaid

KraftMaid leads the semi--?custom cabinetry industry with innovative product design, a robust collection of more than 100 trend--?on door styles and more than 45 furniture--?quality finishes. Based in Ann Arbor, Mich., and manufactured by Masco Cabinetry, KraftMaid brand cabinetry is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

SOURCE: KraftMaid Cabinetry

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