2010-11-14 - Company’s first furniture powder coating offers better ‘freedom of design’ Jotun Powder Coatings, one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of powder coatings, has announced on 1st November 2010, the global launch of its first furniture powder coatings range ‘Era-Coat MDF’.

The company’s new umbrella brand of powder coatings for heat-sensitive substrates such as MDF is especially created for designers and furniture makers. Whilst offering complete ‘freedom of design’ to coat even the most intricate furniture, ‘Era-Coat MDF’ also provides a more cost-effective and eco-friendly coating solution.

The new range is based on the latest MDF color trends, which includes ‘Era-Coat MDF Primo’, a uniquely engineered primer and a top coat ‘Era-Coat MDF 32T’, available in 20 trendy colours & textures.

Formulated to ensure a seamless coated surface, ‘Era-Coat MDF’ products can coat both the front and back of the MDF board at once, and leaves it reclaimable, safe, resistant to scratches, water, stains and impact.

Adaptable enough to bring to life any design concept, ‘Era-Coat MDF’ is ideal for a host of areas including office furniture, retail displays and shelving, flat-pack furniture, doors and countertops, kitchen cabinets and bedroom wardrobes.
In line with Jotun Powder Coatings’ commitment to minimising any environmental damage, ‘Era-Coat MDF’ does not contain solvents nor release any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

“We have developed a furniture powder coatings solution that constitutes a strong alternative to established MDF finishing technologies, and with the quality, durability and simplicity that make it far superior to other systems,” said Olaf Conreur, Divisional Industrial Product Manager at Jotun Powder Coatings.

“The ‘Era-Coat MDF’ range opens new horizons for the furniture industry in terms of design and creativity. We have a strong philosophy to provide ‘freedom of design’ as testament to Jotun’s leadership in the powder coatings industry and we also ensure that the environmental benefits we offer will make our products become more widely used in the furniture market,” added Conreur.

Allowing the most benefit to industrial designers, ‘Era-Coat MDF’ offers almost unlimited design opportunities, with properties that allows it to work for pieces of any shape as well as rounded corners and contoured edges.

Complimenting the Era-Coat MDF 32T’, the ‘Era-Coat MDF Primo’, is a basecoat that gives excellent adhesion and sealing properties to the MDF board. When used in combination with ‘Era-Coat MDF 32T’ as a top coat, and following strict quality and process control procedures, ‘Era-Coat MDF Primo’ extends the use of MDF powder coatings to a larger range of high end products within the furniture industry.

“With the launch of ‘Era-Coat MDF’, we are empowering designers to design, colour and coat MDF to the highest standards. The unveiling of this new range underlines our continuous efforts to introduce technologically-advanced coatings that answers the specific challenges faced by the furniture and other related industries,” concluded Conreur.
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About Jotun
Founded in 1926 in Norway, Jotun - one of the world's leading paint and coating manufacturers, has been at the forefront in terms of developing products specifically suited to unique environmental conditions. Decades of experience through its presence in various parts of the world, has helped the company produce a variety of conventional and specialized paints and coatings - each incorporating the latest technological developments while offering performance with economy - catering to the various product segments and demands of the different markets. Today, Jotun's diverse product range includes Decorative, Protective, Marine, Floor/Concrete Protection, Powder Coatings and Intumescent coatings, bearing a solid testament to the company's reputation of being truly a single source solution for clients, consultants and contractors alike.

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