Williams & Hussey debuted what’s new with Williams & Hussey at IWF 2010 in Atlanta. “Our newly designed products are a direct result of customer feedback and W&H innovation,” says W&H President Steve Carter. “We would not have the excellent reputation for quality and service if it were not for listening to our customers.”

The new Model 209 Molder is designed to allow the professional to plug in anywhere on 115 volts (20 amps) and have the ability to take aggressive cuts with great results. The Model 209 includes a new power feed motor with a higher torque and less weight and a more efficient, lighter weight knife motor.

The new Chip Extractor Chute (Patent Pending) improves the flow of chip waste, fully covers the knife area which minimizes chips and dust escaping. A lighter material, LLDPE, (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) is used. It is a durable, long lasting material to reduce weight and maintain strength.

The new HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) guide system offers a greater work surface and easily fastens to the machine bed.

The new machine base is lighter, higher, durable and more compact. The steel construction and new motor tensioner design cuts down on vibration. A newly designed belt enclosure provides added belt protection.

A new rugged mobile base from Rockler. The 800 lb weight capacity and 5” urethane locking casters gives the ability to move the W&H molder with little effort.

All of the product changes plus additional new in-stock knives are featured in the new W&H catalog.

SOURCE: Williams and Hussey

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