ATLANTA, GA — A record twenty-two finalists for the 2010 competition have been announced by the Challengers Award judges. Sixty-five companies entered 80 new products for the 2010 Challengers Award®.

“The judges previewed the entries and determined twenty-two new products from twenty-one companies have risen above the competition. We’re not doing this for publicity, it’s 110% legitimate to have twenty-two finalist based upon the quality of the entries,” commented Riccardo Azzoni IWF 2010 Chairman and President of Atlantic Machinery Corporation based in New Millford, Connecticut.

“The quality of the products entered made it difficult to choose 20 finalists. Because of the innovative products that were entered the IWF Executive Committee decided for the first time in the Challengers Award Competition history to have twenty-two finalists. The investment these companies have made into research and development for the industry should be rewarded. Everyone in the industry will benefit from not only the twenty-two finalists products but also from the fifty-eight products that were entered into the competition but were not named finalists,” added Richard A. Campbell, IWF 2010 Challengers Award Committee Chairman.

This year’s finalists include four first-time IWF exhibitors, Tornado Manufacturing Ltd, King Slide Works Co., Ltd., Cabinotoch®, Merritt Plywood Machinery Inc.

New for 2010 the Challengers Award® finalists and winners will be recognized all 4 days in a highly visible display area on the show floor. The special area will provide buyers and the media information about the 2010 finalists and winners.
The Challengers Award®, which will be presented during IWF 2010, is known throughout the world as the woodworking industry’s highest honor, recognizing advancements in technology or significant contributions to environmental improvement: and focuses on companies that have distinguished themselves by developing innovative technology in products, materials, supplies and services. The award challenges IWF exhibiting companies to develop revolutionary, creative, ingenious, forward-thinking technology, materials, services or safety devices that advance the industry.

Presented every two years, The Challengers Award® recognizes seven outstanding exhibiting companies. A panel of distinguished judges will review and analyze each finalist entry and decide on the seven winning products just prior to the Fair. The final judging will take place August 24th and the winners will be announced on August 25, 2010.

2010 Challengers Distinguish Achievement Award
Entrants and Entries
The finalists are (listed alphabetically, not according to rank or score along with their entry):

Accurate Technology ProCAB QC
Booth: 5875 ProCAB QC is a software application designed to be used with a ProTable-CAB two axis measuring system. The program provides an easy method for importing production or purchase order part data via CSV files. Operators measure the dimensional quality of the fabricated parts in random sequence, and ProCAB QC tracks and documents the results.

Accu-Systems, Inc. Dovetail Drawer Machine - DBJ
Booth: 5362 The DBJ is a multi-axis / station Drawer Box Machining Center designed to the entire box from dimensional material. The machine can be configured to do English and French Dovetails Drawers. It can also drill holes for mounting drawer fronts, route for the under mount drawer glides, and route the drawer bottom grooves.

Accuwrap Profiles & Components Steel Cabinet Door and Light Valence
Booth: 2042 A new choice to complement any contemporary look, designed with the woodworking industry in mind. Introducing the first truly authentic 'Stainless Steel' moulding and 5-piece cabinet door employing materials that are easily cut and assembled using conventional woodworking tools and hardware.

BENZ Incorporated Reciprocating Knife Cutter - RCK1
Booth: 7285 Add a new level of versatility to your "C" axis equipped CNC machine - with the new Reciprocating Knife Cutter from Benz Inc. Utilizing a standard spoil board to hold your material, this unit is designed to cut fabrics, leather, veneers, rubber, carpet, cork, vinyl and other similar products effortlessly. Available to fit any models equipped with "C" axis. Visit our website for more information.

Binks, DeVilbiss DeVilbiss Compact Automatic X Spray Gun CMAX-G85PM
Booth: 2531 The Compact Automatic X Spray Gun is a revolutionary automatic spray gun with a long working life, even in your toughest conditions. This highly sophisticated automatic gun can be detached from it's mounting block in few seconds via the thumb release mechanism, providing fast and easy maintenance adn serviceability. Using all of the latest advances in atomization technology, this gun will provide users with a unique product that saves paint and increases application rates, reducing overall costs.

Binks, DeVilbiss Binks MX Pump - MX412
Booth: 2531 The Binks MX Series of pumps support 1-2 gun spray finishing in air assist airless applications. With the industry's most responsive air moter and fluid section combination, your operation can experience reduced rejected parts, reduced coating costs, and reduced energy consumption.

Black Bros. Co. World Class Roll Coater - L300RC
Booth: 5635 Black Bros. Co. introduces a new World Class Roll Coater, the L300RC. This Coater was designed and built to remove waste in both process and material in the roll coating operation. Ask us about the Lean Machine.

Cabinotch® Cabinotch - 1
Booth: 4663 Wouldn't you like to gain market share by selling more product, without the need to hire additional labor? With the Cabinotch patented system, you will have the ability to produce more cabinets in less time providing you with additional manufacturing capacity! Cabinotch offers a broad range of sizes and species, allowing you to order what you need, when you need it.

Colonial Saw Company, Inc. Lamello Clamex P
Booth: 6252 Clamex P connectors are unique for RTA case goods and modular components. Clamex P is fast and simple to use by the consumer or assembler of the final product. No screws or tools needed, simply slide connectors in pre-cut slot, match up joining panels easily with built in alignment tabs, lock cam lever in place by a turn of a hex key pulling parts together tightly for a strong durable connection. Parts with Clamex P can be preinstalled, stacked and packaged without risk of damage during transport.

ETP Transmission, Inc. ETP CUBIT
Booth: 6364 ETP CUBIT - The ultimate way to profile precision. The new patented adjustable system is easy to operate with axially access and three steps to profile success. The extreme precise adjustment is done by 0.01 mm.

King Slide Works Co., Ltd. 1A88 -Push-Open-Silent Soft-close Undermount Slide
Booth: 2355 King Slide has perfectly combined the touch-open and soft-closing technologies in the 1A88. King Slide uses all-mechanical design that will not only save electricity but promote green technology. One Touch to Open, No Handle Needed. Our 1A88 is a stylish, sleek, and beautifully crafted revolutionary drawer slide. It will create your personal style and green life!

Leitz Tooling Systems, Inc. RipTec Cutting System
Booth: 5053 Leitz Tooling Systems introduces RipTec technology. Patented for window production, the RipTec system drastically decreases blow-out on end-grain machining and creates a stronger joint, sealed against water and air penetration. Also used in conjunction with finish planers, such as Leitz CentroStar or VariPlan, on four-sided moulders, the RipTec pre-cutter virtually eliminates plucked grain in difficult-to-machine woods.

Leuco Tool Corporation Leuco P-System
Booth: 6469 The Leuco P-System is revolutionary NEW cutting edge geometry for Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tipped cutting tools. Never before has a single tool been able to make such significant improvements in cut quality and edge life!

Merritt Machinery, LLC Meinan Wide Belt Wet Sander
Booth: 6053 Merritt Machinery, LLC offers the Meinan BFS-40W Wide Belt Wet Sander. 100% dust-free sanding of finished panels provides an extremely smooth glass-like surface. No ductwork necessary! Uses environmentally-friendly chemical-free water circulation for sanding, with Perlite filtering system to trap sanding particles and dust. See it in action at IWF!

Oneida Air Systems, Inc.    Oneida Smart Dust Collector
Booth: 7168    The Oneida Smart Dust Collector is new and unique on the market.  It automatically adjusts to the required air volume and pressure needed at each woodworking tool resulting in maximum dust collection at the source resulting in less fugitive dust escaping to the shop air.  99% of  waste is pre-separated with a high efficiency cyclone and  air is returned to the shop through certified HEPA filter media.  Features a patent pending Flame Guard Arrestor.  Passive and active fire safety features help meet code.

PMK Machinery LLC Chipless Coping & End-Matching - C-1203
Booth: 7135 PMK - We solve problems. PMK Coping and End-Matching Systems allow you to machine square or profiled parts without the need of a backup piece. Due to the design of our systems you can machine chip-free parts with no blow-out. Our motto is - Quality, Safety and Efficiency.

Precision Drive Systems Dyna-Loc ATC Spindle
Booth: 4513 6138 DYNA-LOC is a compact automatic tool change spindle system that incorporates standard HSK style tool holders. In this design, the conventional drawbar and spring packs are removed and teh pneumatic actuator is moved to the front of the spindle. The advantages of this system include: Fail-safe design eliminates accidental tool ejection in the unlikely event of a failure; eliminates troublesome Hollow Shaft, Drawbar, and Spring Packs; eliminates expensive HSK clampling sets; and more.

Prevost Corporation PREVO S1- ISI 061201
Booth: 5721 The Prevo S1 coupling is a new generation air hose coupling. With instinctive simplicity it provides effortless connection while providing safety to the user by venting the pressure with a single push of the button. It provides leak free service while out performing all competitive couplers.

Timesavers, Inc. Oscillating Chevron Polishing Platen

Booth: 6226 Introducing Timesaver's new "Oscillating Chevron Polishing Platen" device. The "Oscillating Chevron Polishing Platen" virtually eliminates the streaking of the graphite-covered platen, and minimizes the appearance of abrasive belt scratch. This design allows air and dust to flow through the abrasive belt and the improved air flow generates less heat, resulting in a clear, uniform, and more polished sanded product.

Tornado Manufacturing Ltd. Filter Cleaner - F4
Booth: 4958 The F4 will save you time and money. In less than 30 seconds you can clean and reuse your current wet/dry vacuum filter over and over again. This increases productivity, is good for the environment and is very cost effective.

Unique Machine & Tool Co. Unique "Go Green" Inserter - GI-0250
Booth: 5647 Greener, cleaner insertion of door spacers better for you and better for the environment. The Go Green Inserter: Be efficient , be clean, be Unique!

USNR AddVantage Chop & Rip Optimizer
Booth: 4427 Who's making the "money decision" in your rough mill on what wood to keep and throw away? USNR's AddVantage Chop & Rip saw optimizer scans boards once and decides whether ripping or chopping first creates more value. AddVantage delivers higher production, greater performance, and more profit to help you combat rising wood costs with better rip/cut decisions, reducing safety issues and labor dependence.

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