By creating the new biscuit joiner Zeta, Lamello made this ingenious profile groove technology accessible to everyone. The result is the first handheld tool with a profile groove function. The heart of the machine is a new and compact vertical mechanical drive (VMD) which works according to the following principle: During the cutting process the cutter dives to the maximum depth. Then follows a minimal movement up and down to create the profile groove.
Finally the cutter moves back to the center position. This mechanical drive is characterized by a reliable mechanical and lowweartechnology and is very user friendly. The profile cut is released automatically at the correct moment.

The Zeta is operated like any biscuit joiner and is designed according to Lamello’s motto: fast, simple and precise. The use of the machine is very versatile and it is also possible to simply switch a lever to use it as a standard biscuit joiner.

Source: Colonial Saw Co.

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