Moovit Lock is part of the Moovit double side wall drawer system. It is the first double wall drawer system that incorporates a locking system with Anti Tip for commercial and home office applications, healthcare cabinets and home furnishings applications. This system is engineered for file drawers and pedestals with a bank of drawers. You can lock a series of drawers and the Anti Tip will only allow one drawer to open at a time which restricts the pedestal from tipping over.

The construction of the drawer has many features. The drawer system works on the 32mm system (allowing for speed of installation). The interior of the side walls are 90 degrees which allow more interior space to store items. This is the only double wall drawer that has this feature. The customer provides their bottom and back panels which are cut to the same width (allowing for only one set up on the milling which saves time). The back panels are attached to the side wall will a built in bracket. The slides are standard 110 lbs throughout the system and self and soft closing giving the end users a quality drawer.

The Moovit Lock incorporates the function and easy of installation of the Moovit drawers, but in a system that provides locking capabilities, which can be used in various residential and commercial applications. This is the first double wall drawer that offers this application.

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Source: Hafele America Co.

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