The development of electricity and the light blub are most likely two of mankind's most important achievements, pretty much setting the cornerstone for our modern lifestyles. However; new developments in this field are constantly being made, and probably one of the most important is represented by LED, or light-emitting diode. There are now over 500 providers of LED products on the market, but the products have not been thought out for the application or ease of use. Currently many transformers have to be wired, switches have to be wired and some lighting solutions require wiring or soldering. Loox LED system from Häfele solve these problems by bring a universal, world wide power system where switches, lights and drivers are plug and play and provide solutions for the furniture cabinet industry. Unique identification system for the operating system (12v, 24v or 350 mA) allows the user can go by color coded symbols, rather than a specific plug. For instance with the 24v system, you can simply look for the Green labels and all green labeled products wore together. Not only does this easy-to-follow system bring design flexibility, but is affordable, UL listed, allows 50,000 hours of lamp life, lower power consumption and no electrician is required.

Source: Hafele America Co.

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