(HIGH POINT, NC) – Freud America, Inc. introduces eight new bits to its Premier Solid Carbide spiral bit series which provides twice the cutting life and finish quality of current bits on the market. Freud’s Premier Solid Carbide line combines a unique high performance open flute design, advanced precision grind technology, and specific TiCo™ Hi-Density carbide to provide the most productive and cost effective solid carbide bits on
the market today.

Freud's in-house manufactured TiCo™ Hi-Density carbide allows these new solid carbide bits to maintain a precision polished cutting edge and withstand the normal wear shown on competitive products. Extensive tests demonstrate that Freud's Premier Solid Carbide bits last up to two times longer than other bits on the market. "As a prime manufacturer of carbide, we were able to dial in a specific grade of carbide and geometry that provide the absolute longest life and performance of any solid carbide router bit on the market today," remarks Greg Neer, Director of New Product Development – Commercial Industrial Cutting Tools. “Freud continues to lead in innovation to maximize productivity.”

Freud’s Premier Solid Carbide Bits also feature an extended open flute geometry that allows the bits to remove waste more quickly. This advanced open flute geometry coupled with Freud's specialty carbide provides a high quality edge with incredible endurance that allows up to twice the number of re-sharpenings versus existing designs on the market. By increasing the number of times a tool can be re-sharpened, Freud increases the overall productivity of the tools.

Over 300 Solid Carbide bits available to include: wood cutting, plastic cutting, and non ferrous cutting. Advanced cutting geometries available from 1-3 flutes.

Freud’s Solid Carbide CNC Bits Feature:
? Exclusive Freud-made TiCo™ Hi-Density Carbide with Titanium - designed and manufactured by Freud specifically for each cutting application to maximize cutting life and material finish in a variety of materials.
? Unique Open Flute Design - restricts the amount of material that can be fed, reducing the effects of kickback from overfeeding.
? Polished Grind - reduces adhesion and prolongs life.

About Freud

An industry leader for more than 50 years, Freud America, Inc. is a manufacturer and marketer of superior carbide cutting tools for the woodworking industry. Freud is the only manufacturer of woodworking tools in the world that produces its own MicroGrain Carbide with Titanium, called TiCo™, a high-density combination of Titanium and Cobalt. By producing their own carbide, Freud has the unique ability to formulate each tool for each specific application, thereby maximizing the cutting life and performance of the tool. Freud’s full line of high-quality woodworking tools includes saw blades, router bits, shaper cutters, power tools, and more.

Source: Freud America Inc.

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