Moscow-- Italian woodworking industry in the 1Q 2010 indicates a 41% increase of orders compared to the same period of last year. Excellent results in foreign markets, with 43.8% expansion, while the Italian markets grew by 26%, the Italian woodworking machinery and tools manufacturers’ Association said in a statement received by Lesprom Network.

From January to March 2010, prices recorded a slight increase (plus 0.2%), while the period of ensured production at 1.8 months on March 31.
Employment is considered stationary by 63% of the sample and falling by the remaining 37%. Available stocks are stationary according to 48%, decreasing according to 37% and growing according to the remaining 15%.

The greatest expectations are focused on foreign markets (Italian woodworking technology is strongly export-oriented, with over 70% of production shipped around the world), while caution is the predominant attitude for the results that may be achieved in the coming months in Italy.

On the whole, 45% of the same predicts growing foreign orders in the next quarter, while the volume will remain stable according to 48%, and decrease further for 7% (the balance is +38).

On the domestic market, 15% of the sample fear shrinkage. 59% predict substantial stability and 26% are confident that the situation will improve (positive balance 11).

Source: Acimall,

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