COLOGNE, GERMANY - VIBO S.P.A., a leader in the production of chrome-plated and epoxy-coated wire accessories for the furniture and furnishing sector, has been present on the Italian and international market since 1980.
From design to market distribution, Vibo has a vertically integrated production system which is only possible due to the perfect logistic synergy of its three factories located in Trissino Arzignano, Montecchio Maggiore, in the province of Vicenza in North-Eastern Italy.

Vibo's philosophy is reflected in its 16,000 sqm facilities: a winning combination of family and company, technology and tradition, quality and research.

During its 30 years of activity, the company has become more and more specialised in its production, in response to contemporary needs and design trends and innovations for kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes, combining a modern look with guaranteed technical robustness and resistance.
Vibo products are currently sold in 70 countries throughout the world with an export rate exceeding 65% of the total production.
In Italy and abroad the company supplies some of the largest producers and distributors of the sector, and moreover responds to special requests in collaboration with the customer both for the modules and the accessories.
Vibo is an alert interlocutor, an efficient partner, a company that is growing with the market, and that is capable of facing, with professionalism, the competitive challenges offered by the sector.

Where we are

Trissino, Headquarters:
Via Arzignano, 46 - 36070 Trissino (VI) – Italy – T. +39 0445 492800 – F. +39 0445 492999 E mail: -

Montecchio Maggiore, Chrome and Epoxy plant
Via Majorana, 5 - 36075 Montecchio Maggiore (VI) – Italy

Arzignano, Alluminium process and special welding
Via Madonna dei Prati, 21 –36071 Costo di Arzignano (VI) – Italy
Production and processing of the metal wire
The production process begins in Trissino where, daily, approximately 25 tonnes of wire, section steel and aluminium, are selected, cut, folded and lastly joined by means of projection, MIG or TIG welding in robotised islands and with high-tech machinery. The semifinished product is then sent to the Montecchio production unit for treatment (chrome-plating and painting), then returned to Trissino for final assembly, packaging and shipment.
Vibo boasts a finished product range of over 1500 furnishing accessories with polished chrome, matt chrome, polished stainless steel, epoxy-coated, antique copper or brass finishes: entirely Made in Italy.

Chrome plating, epoxy painting processes
The chrome plating and epoxy painting processes are carried out in the Montecchio Maggiore factory. The facility is fitted with state of the art plants in terms of both dimension and technical performance that make it possible to process the product internally and with a closed cycle, through a constantly updated production and technical know how.
The chrome plating permits high application performances (a minimum of 35 microns is guaranteed as the average thickness for the metal deposit of matt nickel, acid copper, semi-gloss nickel and chromium) with ensured rust-proof high quality ( certified by means of salt-fog-testing) and in the meantime enhance the design of the product even further.
Technical know-how, materials engineering and a strong sense of socio-environmental responsibility guarantee that Vibo respects, in every phase of production, the strict safety norms concerning environmental pollution and the protection of human health.
The chrome-plating activities carried out at the Montecchio Maggiore galvanizing works, do not in fact involve chrome passivation activities, but rather functional plating procedures with zerovalent chrome, obtained from a bath of hexavalent chrome, in full compliance with national and international directives. Therefore, as they are plated with chrome in the metal state, Vibo products do not give rise to leaching which is hazardous for people or to emissions that endanger the natural environment.
At the end, the investments made in this regard, led Vibo, among the first companies in Europe, to possession of all the requirements of the Quality and Environmental System management standards which are also guaranteed by Certifications Body: ICILA both for UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI EN ISO 9001/2000. These two elements once again prove the qualitative excellence of the company and of its products.

Certifications: UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001
Vibo spa was one of the first companies in its field to receive the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification in 1998. Through strict auditing the certification system analyses the whole production chain and points out standard conformities and non-conformities.
Each individual business unit interacts with the others through cross-planning and on-going verification of the separate activities. From the acceptance of the material, to the toolings, from the selection of the suppliers to the testing of the final product, Vibo assures top quality for products and services, in order to fulfil the most demanding customer’s requirements.
The UNI EN ISO 14001 environmental management certificate testifies to the company's commitment to safeguarding and defending the environment.

The products
Innovative union of design and functionality, Vibo accessories combine advanced aesthetics and practicality through a new way of looking at the most important spaces around us: kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe zone.
Articles enhancing the value of everyday living thanks to their technical usability and elegance of style, the result of a continuos program of research and development that the company conducts. Vibo works then with well-known designers and makes constant analysis of materials, ergonomy and performances.
The company produces top of the range accessories that can satisfy all market segments by responding to customers' specific requests (choice of modules, shape, finish, partial/ full/cushioned extension, etc...).
Classic or high tech accessories to adapt the various identities of the contemporary kitchen to suit your specific needs.
The minimalism of the wire articles is enhanced by the use of contrasting materials such as glass and wood, a confirmation of the company's ongoing search for innovative trends in furnishing and taste.
Choosing an ingredient from the pantry for dinner, following the instructions for a recipe from a book resting on the bookstand, sliding out a pull-out unit from under the cook top: everyday actions that find new solutions in Vibo’s products. Comfort, intelligence and quality.

Attention to details, new materials, customised finishes.
Vibo bathroom is fitted with practical accessories that enhance living spaces prestige and attractively furnish the room.
According with bathroom modern trends, Vibo offers a broad, dynamic range of articles suitable for all needs; not only they do offer metal wire products but also products with non-slip, high pressure laminate and hardened transparent glass surfaces.
Free-standing items, shelving units, bars fitted with various optional elements, mirrors, and ceramic items, drawers and fitted systems: accessories intended to bring out the most of a room meant for relax.
Customised versatility, like a tailored outfit, of Vibo wardrobe accessories.
Through good management of available space and the search for a hanger for your latest purchase, each garment will be stored with care thanks to the technical details conceived to optimise the entire wardrobe.
Pull-out wire basket units, trouser hangers, tie hangers, suit racks and pull out side shoe units: a way to organise your belongings by utilising solutions conceived to meet every possible need.

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