Holly Springs, N.C. -- OFM, one of the nation’s leading office and school furniture manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers, announced today it has dedicated a new section of its website to highlighting its environmentally-friendly initiatives. Called the “The Green Room,” the new page talks about the company’s recently completed rooftop solar farm, its certified Greenguard products, and its vision to become greener.

“We wanted to designate a place on our website for our customers to learn more about our ongoing green practices and efforts to be a more environmentally responsible company,” said Abel Zalcberg, co-founder and CEO of OFM. “We will continue to regularly update this section of the website with the latest on our green practices both internally and externally.”

In addition to ongoing news about OFM’s green initiatives, the new page features information about OFM’s new solar farm and how it is now a carbon neutral and a certified renewable energy facility. Details about how the company recently swapped out its light bulbs in its main warehouse from 400w Metal Halide Lights to energy efficient 200w Induction Lights can also be found as well as a growing list of OFM’s Greenguard certified products.

The Greenguard certification program involves a set of stringent standards to guarantee that furniture and other products do not negatively affect indoor air quality in buildings where children and other sensitive populations spend long periods of time. Products must be certified by the nonprofit institute to qualify and undergo quality monitoring four times per year.

 “Right now we’re looking at manufacturing future furniture products with other green materials such as castor bean oil and this is just one of the examples of how we continue looking at new ways to do business with the environment in mind,” adds Zalcberg. “Beyond its positive impact on the environment, we are already seeing our green efforts benefit our employees, our clients and our bottom line.”
To visit “The Green Room,” go to: http://www.ofminc.com/green_room.asp

Source: OFM, Inc.

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