The Woodwork Career Alliance is seeking guest reviewers to help validate recently created Skills Standards.  These unified Standards will serve as a comprehensive, industry-accepted compilation of operational procedures by which to measure performance and results produced by woodworking professionals.

The WCA is developing a voluntary assessment program that allows woodworker to demonstrate in-plant woodworking skill competencies.  Interested individuals are encouraged to schedule a one-hour time slot during the IWF show.  WCA Board members will be on hand to meet one-on-one with guest reviewers to discuss current standards under development and obtain comments for the machines/tools listed below:

Saber Saw
Straight Line Rip Saw
Gang Rip Scroll Saw
Radial Arm Saw
Pin Router
Inverted Pin Router
Tilting Spindle Shaper
Beam Saw
Line Boring Machines
Dowel Bore and Insert
Multi-Spindle Horizontal Boring
Slot Mortiser
Portable Belt Sander
Oscillating Spindle Sander
Pneumatic Nail Guns
CNC Fixturing
CNC Aggregate Head
Single End Tenoner
Double Spindle Shaper
Curtain Coaters
Roll Coaters
Robotic Sprayers
Finishing (Touch Up)
Marking gauge
Dovetail saw
Hand Planes
Hand Files
Hand Scraper

If you plan to attend IWF and are willing to share your expertise, please contact Patrick Molzahn at thegroup.  Guest reviewers will be acknowledged in WCA print materials and on our website. Woodwork Career Alliance is a 501c-3 non-profit organization

Source: Woodwork Career Alliance,

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