JAKARTA - Minister of Forestry (Menhut), Zulkifli Hasan, confirmed the ministry of forestry (Kemenhut) remains a primary commitment to keep the forests intact and not Papua exploited for logging.

Although many proposals to open the forest for its nonkehutanan, Menhut said in Jakarta on Tuesday, Kemenhut still allowing the primary forest area covering 7.3 million hectares in Papua.

When the dialogue with the chief editor of the New Development Paradigm entitled Forestry and Wood Based Forest Industries, held jointly by Perum LKBN BETWEEN PR Kemenhut, the minister admitted there were demands for the opening of the forest area in Papua, but not for the Concession.

"If the present 26 million hectares of concession area, so it has not improved segitu again. If one wants to seek to please go ahead. Kemenhut I said no longer will provide additional concession area anywhere, including in Papua," he said.

In addition, said Zulkifli added that the proposed development appears Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate (MIFEE) in Papua.

According to him, his newly approved use of an area of ??600 thousand hectares from 1.3 million hectares of proposals submitted.

"Area that is not in the primary forest or peat. Stop it down in two areas. We are not set up another set."

Proposal for MIFEE or application of industrial forest (HTI) in Papua, said the minister, the government still has priority because the focus of improving food security as the economic corridor development that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ordered.

Menhut proposal also recognizes there are 19 plants and cultivation of forest management in Papua nonkehutanan.

Unfortunately, he said, many of which retreated when management can not be explained in primary forests are still a lot of wood. "There are 11 companies that did not go back after we tell them not to use the dense areas, but container harvest area (logged over area / Loa) that we are prepared for cultivation."

The government hopes the hope that the rest have not retreated at least 40 thousand hectares to support self-sufficiency in sugar, Menhut said.

While the Forest Industry, said Zulkifli, the same treatment with the proposal for oil palm plantations and other needs of non forestry. "It is outside the primary forest and peat. It's the PPC (production forest that can be converted), LOA, or confined to an area of ??land by BPN is 12 million hectares," said the minister explained.

On that occasion, denied Menhut Papua forests have dikapling-lots to the needs of the business world.

According to him, the way of economic growth should continue without compromising the ecological importance.

Environmental degradation, he said, should not happen if it focuses on economic growth. "If it does not accommodate the needs of Papua, there is no economic growth, it will continue to lag. Merauke Furthermore barn will be the national food," he said.

Papua has been known as the region with the largest area of ??protected forests in Indonesia is of particular concern. (*)

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