Inchbald School of Design launches online Masters Courses

The prestigious Inchbald School of Design, educating the leading figures in the world of design since 1960, is proud to announce the launch of an unparalleled online MA in Architectural Interior Design and Garden Design. For the first time non-cognate students can benefit from Inchbald’s expert teaching while studying for a Masters, all from the comfort of their own homes. This pioneering move will enable students the world over to take full advantage of Inchbald’s academic excellence and practical training in an interactive and engaging manner.

The flexibility of online learning is a factor Inchbald has been quick to pick up on and the online MA allows for a wider audience to benefit from the School’s excellence. The course boasts complete inclusivity, enabling students the opportunity to achieve a high-level qualification fully validated by the University of Wales, no matter their situation. This is particularly significant for those who cannot commit to the demands of in-house study. Whether you have a young family, are looking to change career, hold down a full time job or simply cannot afford to study in London, the MA course is fully accessible to all. While flexible, Inchbald ensures that the same high standards are met with students having to submit work and keep to deadlines in order to maintain the School’s very high standards.

The world-class expertise available with the Inchbald online MA in Architectural Interior Design and Garden Design is incomparable to any other online degree course on offer. Students who enrol in the online MA are not required to have any previous design qualifications and they will certainly not find themselves simply sat in front of a computer screen in a solitary environment. Students will work with their peers in small groups with an impressive 1-8 staff-student ratio. This will allow for students to gain feedback fast while also replicating the in-house studio experience. The benefit of such small groups is that students are able to form close bonds and provide vital support and motivation to each other, promoting human interaction irrelevant of where in the world they may be. Inchbald tutors are constantly driving for high standards and have the time to challenge each student’s personal development in the field of design.

Inchbald Director of Interior Design, Alan Hughes, comments, “This new online MA is a really exciting prospect for the School and shows that we are responding to increasing demand from International students and individuals who cannot commit to full-time education . Students will be able to work at their own pace and still benefit from the expertise offered by the Inchbald tutorial system. The small class sizes mean that students will work closely with each other and the online student experience promises to be highly motivational from the start. At Inchbald we strive not only to provide our students with an extremely high-level of formation, but act as a facilitator enabling first-hand experience in the field. Our reputation and longevity places us in a strong position to put our students forward for internships and placements with leading designers.”

Director of the Garden Design Facility, Andrew Duff, continues, “The tried and tested method practised at Inchbald has now been translated online allowing for a wider audience to benefit from its excellence. This is the only online MA of its kind which offers such an advanced level of teaching for non-cognate students. Our material is constantly updated by leading industry experts and really will replicate the world-class teaching practised in-house at Inchbald.”

The Online Courses in Interior Architectural Design and Garden Design will being in September 2011.

SOURCE: Inchbald School of Design

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